If You Don't Take Care of Your Body, Where Are You Going to Live?

Eating Contaminated Food is as Dumb as Smoking.

In the 1950’s, it was said that the average person could eat 2 peaches per day to obtain the daily requirements for nutrition. Today, you would have to consume 50 peaches per day to obtain the same nutrients. The reason? Because soils are now contaminated with multiple pesticides and chemicals that crops have become genetically modified organisms (GMO). Sadly, they only have a fraction of nutritional value for our bodies. Three of my family members have been lucky to survive cancer. Three others were not so lucky. All of their cancers were 100% preventable and don’t have to be hereditary.


If Food is Medicine, Then What Are You On?

There are actually some people who believe that eating preservatives will actually preserve their bodies. That’s like saying if you eat batteries, you will have an alkaline body that is disease-free. The government is not planning any attempts to resolve this issue. So, like most issues in our country, it’s up to the private sector to educate and empower our friends and families to make better decisions when it comes to food and nutrition.


What is the Solution?

Can a publicly traded company make a difference? For the last three years, greenpolkadotbox.com (GPDB) has been building their inventory with thousands of products. They have become the world’s largest online grocery store for certified organic and non-GMO foods. Founder, Rod Smith, was forced to face his own personal health crisis when he was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago. “When I researched healthy foods, I started seeing an alarming trend in the types of food that were being offered, even in ‘health food’ stores”, says Smith, “so I decided to launch this crusade and have never looked back. I think the best way to educate people about healthy foods is word of mouth – one family and friend at a time. It’s going to take an army of people across this country to make that happen”.


In December 2014, Smith launched a new section of his company that actually allows people to buy a distributor’s license inside this giant company. This business plan allows people to become their own health merchant and have a fully operational online store that operates as part of the parent website. GPDB will do all of the sourcing, marketing, promotions, inventory control, processing – and you make a profit from promoting your own store link to others who truly want to help spread the word about clean, healthy food. So you can help others, help the planet, and also make money. That’s win win win.


My daugher, who is now in college, has her own account. She doesn't have a car, so it's hard for her to get to the store. She didn't want to eat default junk food that goes with the terriority of most college students. Our family has been eating healthy for years and now as an adult, she is making better choices for herself. I'm so proud of her! I can also rest easily, knowing that she is eating healthy foods at a fraction of the cost. They deliver next day shipping, and it's free when you purchase $75 or more.


For more info on the health merchant program, click here:



Save 40-50% on ALL Certified Organic and Non-GMO Foods:

Do you buy healthy, organic or non-GMO food? The world's largest online grocery store offers 40-50% off, free shipping & thousands of your favorite products & brands.


If you want to try it as a customer, start shopping now by clicking here: http://www.greenpolkadotbox.com/invite/id/24093


1) Set up your FREE account using the link above and pay no membership fee.

2) Start shopping and upon checkout, enter the code "freeclub" before you check out to get a free membership.

3) If you spend over $75, you get free, next day shipping.


So how about those peaches? Smith says the company will also be launching a living produce department where the root will be shipped intact, thus making it last weeks instead of mere days. There truly is no excuse for anyone, no matter where they live, to ever have limited choices about eating health, organic and non-GMO foods.


Melanie Warner is a freelance journalist with over 7 million monthly readers. She focuses on travel, health, and lifestyle and values raising awareness for companies that have a great cause. For questions on this program, products, or the company, she can be reached via email: melaniewarner77 at yahoo.com or the old fashioned phone: 559-577-4171




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