HEXX Las Vegas Restaurant Review - Food, Cocktails and Chocolate all Wrapped up in a Sweet Package

Creating their own chocolate in the heart of Las Vegas was quite the undertaking for HEXX Kitchen ¦ Bar ¦ Chocolate Restaurant at Paris Las Vegas, but chocoalate wasn't enough. HEXX also put together a wondrous menu that changes throughout the non-stop 24 hours it is open and also provides you with one of the best views in all of Las Vegas.

HEXX Patio

The opening of HEXX was a triumphant success in every possible way with their recent opening. From the gorgeous interior with plush seating that offers a crisp Miami vibe to it, to a community table, private drape enclosed dining spots, a dining area with a view of the chocolate kitchen that is perfect for parties and of course a patio that not only allows for one of the best people watching spots in all of Las Vegas, but you also get a glorious view of the Bellagio fountains. A dining experience is there for whatever environment you are looking for and we haven’t even touched the menu or the chocolate.

Chicken & Waffles


Breakfast is sight to behold, with dishes that go far beyond what any typical breakfast café might have you experience. If you have become a connoisseur of chicken and waffles, you will love the HEXX version. The battered chicken is moist and tender and paired with a fluffy waffle to make the bites themselves light and easy to enjoy and then complimenting it is the rich flavor of the in-house bourbon syrup, which will make you never look at syrup the same again.  If your preference is steak and eggs, well get ready for a ribeye that is worthy of dinner and cooked to perfection. The waffles and French toast are half dessert and half breakfast and you are likely not going to be able to finish whatever you order as they are all so rich and overwhelming. If you are looking for the most sinful Las Vegas breakfast, the cinnaroll waffle is it. The waffle holds its own in this pairing but the cream cheese frosting is so rich and tasty you are likely going to have to put your fork down between bites to not only savor all of this flavor, but to also let your body have a quick recovery from just how indulgent this is.

Steak & Eggs

Sommelier and beverage director Troy Kumalaa created a fantastic cocktail menu with a wide-ranging wine and beer selection and then handcrafted cocktails that will entice you to sit down at the stunning HEXX bar once your meal is finished. You really will have a hard time finding a better way to enjoy breakfast than sitting next to the Las Vegas strip with at HEXX while enjoying a mimosa, Bellini or the fantastic espresso martini. Made with fresh espresso, the flavor in this martini really shines through.

Private booth at HEXX

The menu later in the day becomes expansive and even more flavorful. You can start off your meal with such mouth-watering appetizers as the Maryland crab cake or the smothered fries, which are covered with pulled pork, cheese curds and barbeque gravy. Trying to decide your main course at HEXX can be a challenge with so many options. HEXX simply has one of the most well-rounded menus in all of Las Vegas, with fish dishes such as branzino, wood fired pizza, steaks, lamb and that is just the tip of the menu. The tagliatelle Bolognese is prepared with braised beef short rib, tagliatelle and truffled ricotta.The list goes on and on, but what you can expect is fresh ingredients and a number of amazing in-house created items that allow you to enjoy all the freshness and flavors in their creations.

HEXX Chocolate

Attached to the restaurant is the HEXX chocolate store and while you are going to find other candy stores on the strip, HEXX is the only bean-to-bar creator of chocolate in Las Vegas and everything they do in their chocolate kitchen creates the most unique chocolate flavors in all of Las Vegas. HEXX keeps it simple, their chocolate contains only two ingredients, cacao beans and organic palm sugar. HEXX needs only these ingredients because they use cacao beans sourced from the best farms located 20 degrees north and south of the equator. The HEXX store has not only chocolate, but a coffee and ice cream bar and other sweet treats for you to take home. If you aren’t sure what HEXX chocolate to purchase, just pull a chair up to the kitchen counter and take a taste of every variety to make sure find your cacao bean flavored chocolate.

Hexx dining overlooking chocolate kitchen

The finest chocolate in Las Vegas is one reason to visit HEXX, but far from the only. What will quickly become known as one of the best places to dine in to take in the scenic Las Vegas strip to a menu that can fill a 24 hour day, after one visit to HEXX this might become your restaurant of all-trades. The view, the food, the cocktails and of course the chocolate, HEXX has it all.

HEXX Chocolate Kitchen

For more information visit: HEXX

HEXX Chocolate


Located in the heart of the Strip inside Paris Las Vegas, HEXX kitchen l bar l chocolate is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With spectacular patio dining and unparalleled views of the Fountains of Bellagio, HEXX is the ideal location for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a late-night snack or a vibrant atmosphere to enjoy drinks. As Nevada's first bean-to-bar chocolate maker, HEXX invites guests to watch and experience the process of chocolate making in its state-of-the-art exhibition kitchen. Reservations are available at OpenTable and by calling 702.331.5100. Connect with HEXX on social media at www.facebook.com/hexxchocolate, and on Twitter and Instagram at @hexxchocolate; join the conversation by using #HEXX. 

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