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Food does more than nourish the body, it has the ability to do some much more when it comes to family, friends and relationships. Teaching people how to take food beyond simply eating, relationship expert Fran Berger who for 20 years owned and operated one of the most successful A- List restaurant’s in Los Angeles The Farm of Beverly Hills, is teaching women and men how to strengthen and better their relationships through food with "Food, Family, Friends, Over 40."

Fran prepping

"This is very much a new venture for me, I owned restaurants for over twenty years and closed my last one on 12/31, so this is a major reset," Fran said. "I've always told people that whatever you do in life it should make you happy, it should not be work it should just make you happy. After twenty years it was a long time with a lot of great memories and experiences, but I was kind of done, it was time to do something else."

Fran in the kitchen

"So many of my friends come to me for answers and I realized we are always looking for answers to questions all of the time. I decided to create one easy spot to share my knowledge of over twenty years in the hospitality business and that of others in a larger community and that is how it got to be Food, Friends and Family over 40," Fran said.

Fran’s new lifestyle platform will bring together a worldwide community of women and men over the age of 40, delivering the latest in:
• Recipes/cuisine
• Entertaining
• Travel
• Relationships and dating advice
• Health & wellness
• Fitness and beauty tips
• Information for women who seek to start over in the midst of milestone life events including divorce and retirement

"It does fit any age group, I've got friends in their 20's and some that are older than me, so I've got a range of people around me as long as I can remember, really anyone can go their but I picked 40 because it is kind of a transition spot," Fran said.

Tea with Fran

Fran is putting together a group of experts in a wide range of fields that will allow you to visit her site for any and all of questions or information that you are looking for.

Beyond the website, Fran works with couples, groups, really anyone when it comes to helping them explore the relationship between food and people. A truly unique experience, this allows you to take a step away from the busy world that we live in and appreciate spending time together and doing so around the kitchen table.

"We all know that everything happens around the table, there have been so many studies how our relationships are made, encouraged, developed and strengthened around the table. My relationship recipes help you to gather your friends, reach out and keep them close, it helps you, it helps that person to feel connected and loved, it feeds the soul," Fran said.

The site just launched in January and just continues to grow when it comes to the information that is provided.

"The response has been quite spectacular, they love the relationship recipes in particular, but they also love having a place to go to find different answers. Next month I am launching my expert series," Fran said.

For more information visit: Fran Berger

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