Contaminated Food Is Becoming A Big Problem

As you should already know, consuming unsafe food could cause severe consequences. Contaminated food can lead to foodborne illnesses, which could be life threatening. Even in the most moderate cases, someone that consumes contaminated foods will typically experience dehydration, diarrhea, infections, and even vomiting. E. Coli is another serious problem that is often linked to undercooked or contaminated ground beef. Despite the FDA taking steps to try and reduce the spread of such foodborne illnesses, the problem has worsened over the past few years.

While such problems are considered to be rare in 1st world countries, they can still sneak through the cracks from time to time. Just this week, health officials in Northern California confirmed they had experienced a botulism outbreak. A 37-year-old man entered a North California gas station looking for e-liquid. He ended up eating nacho-cheese dip, which was contaminated with botulism. This eventually led to the death of the man, as well as the hospitalization of nine other individuals. The spokesman for California’s Department of Public Health, Matt Conens, has refused to provide further details about the victims or their conditions.

Botulism is incredibly dangerous. It is rare, but can lead to respiratory problems, paralysis and even death. Even those that survive botulism will generally be forced to spend months on a ventilator to help them breathe. Ohio experienced a far worse botulism outbreak in 2015. At the time, 29 people became ill after eating contaminated food at a church. After investigating the outbreak, the authorities determined that potato salad, which was canned improperly, was the cause of the problem. California isn’t the only state to experience problems this week.

Today, a New York-based company was forced to recall some of their products, due to a potential contamination. BrightFarms imposed a voluntary recall for more than five thousand cases of leafy greens after it was discovered that small pieces of metal had fallen onto the plants at the company’s Elkwood, Virginia greenhouse. BrightFarms has been in business for six years and the company was previously named one of the most innovative businesses in 2014. This is the first time the company has experienced such a problem. This confirms that even companies with the strictest safety protocols can distribute contaminated foods.

BrightFarms confirmed that the metal chips were caused by a contractor drilling on top of the greenhouse. The work carried out by the contractor was not authorized. The company’s chief executive refused to provide further details. An Ohio-based companied was forced to announce a similar recall on May the 19th. The company, John Morrell and Co., was forced to remove more than 210,000 pounds of beef frank products from the shelves, after it was discovered the products could’ve been exposed to extraneous materials. The company made the decision after it received complaints from three customers.

The customers told the company they had found metal objects in the packaging. Thankfully, the company has noted that there have been no reports of injury or adverse reactions associated with the contamination. While these companies have managed to subdue the problem, contaminated food is still a major problem throughout the United States.

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