coco for coconut oil!

By now, i'm sure most of us have gotten in on the coconut craze whether it be in the form of water, oil, butter, etc...coconut oil has been used in countries like India for hundreds of years for shiny, strong, and healthy hair.  As someone who loves holistic home remedies, i swear by coconut oil for beauty. it can be used for both skin and hair. I prefer the organic type which can be purchased at Trader Joes for 5.50 and will last you a long time.

I put coconut oil under my eyes and lips.  I will also apply it generously to my face and let it soak in after a shower.  If you want to give your hair a treat, heat some coconut oil in the microwave and slather into your hair. Then wrap it up in a plastic cap or towel for 30 minutes and rinse. 

coconut oil can also be used for dry skin. Apply at night before bed for a special treat.  It is simple, effective, and inexpensive and it smells yummy. Try coconut for an inexpensive and luxurious beauty treat. remember for best results, apply regularly. 


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