Braun Kitchen Collection Review - A Super Modern Tool Takes Over my Kitchen

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                After attending a New York Braun event, I ‘ve discarded my immersion blender. I’ve also given away my blender-chopper. I ’m keeping my sturdy 20-year-old Cuisinart, but it’s far back in the  pantry these days.                          

My new toy

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         And I may never need the Cuisinart because my newest acquisition can do everything. It mixes, blends, chops and slices, and can handle many other jobs I have yet to envision.


A New York Braun event

I think I used that immersion blender about five times in ten years. It splattered wildly, shooting stuff out of the container while mixing.  So I gave up on it and used a fork or a whisk, whichever was tough enough to blend batter.  The Cuisinart was fine for slicing, cutting and chopping, but I never found it satisfactory for mixing dough.

And there you have it

I love the elegant design and versatility

My new all-in-one device is part of a series launched early this summer under the Braun Kitchen Collection banner.  Braun has always been known for elegant design and is showing its 21st century chops this Summer with three updated products that look elegant and simplify   labor intensive and time consuming tasks. The three new products are a coffee maker, a countertop blender, and my pride and joy, the Multiquick7 Hand Blender.


Braun’s engineers, working closely with designers, found that most of us need two hands to control a blender, gripping harder as the unit uses more power. Braun’s new hand blender gives the user better control, with variable control   technology enabling the user to alter the speed and power of the blender with a gentle touch, freeing up a second hand  to set up other ingredients or do complimentary tasks. Braun says it borrowed ideas from  German automotive engineering.    Whatever the inspiration, fine, the hand blender and its associated pars deliver smoothly, intuitively adjusting the speed and power at a touech.  Squeeze a little harder, you get more power; ease up and it slows down.


Farewell to splatter on the counter

I’m now splatter free, which certainly makes cleanup time easier. The bell-shaped   anti-splash blending shaft pushes a mixture inside the bell, instead of toward the edges of the mixing bowl. The blender comes with several attachments feeding off the anti-splash shaft.  There’s a whisker, masher, and food processor.  The bowl for the food processor is not as capacious as my 12-cup Cuisinart, but fine for most tasks since I seldom filled that bowl.  

So many choices

More time on the job, more pleasure for this cook

There’s also a 20-fluid  ounce easy pouring beaker which has gotten a lot of play in the short time since I acquired the unit,   I’ve used that sleek, futuristic shaft silently whirring  in the beaker to make a variety of fruit and veggie smoothies. Nothing drips when I mix. Nothing drips when I pour. That hand blender has varying speeds for easy blending, whisking or pureeing. Sometime soon, I’ll test out mashed potatoes, a dish I never got right with other devices.


Watch this

Breaking a blending job down and shifting over to another task is hardly complicated or time consuming. The model comes with an EasyClick system that makes assembling and reassembling as simple as the snap of a finger.  That ease of operation overall has stimulated my kitchen adventures. I may be spending more time in the kitchen, but I’m’ getting more done and I am enjoying  a futuristic device that makes every task simpler.  Like my cell phone, I’m sure I am using only about 60% of all it has to offer.


More information about Braun Products.


Photos: Jeremiah Wilson for Braun Household




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