Atlanta’s “West Egg Café” Review – “Meet You at the Egg”


When Atlanta native Lisa Long makes social plans to meet with friends she often says “Meet you at the Egg…”. 



That’s shorthand that is understood not only in her circle but way beyond. 



Atlantans seem to know of “the egg”, a.k.a. “West Egg Café”, even if they haven’t been there yet. 



This is a spot that visitors to Atlanta should know about too.



Take a gander at their kaleidoscope patterned “Milky Way” espresso drink or spoon in some of their pimiento cheese grits and you’ll know why this happening place has received so much attention from their local media and word-of-happy-mouths. 



If breakfast isn’t your favorite meal of the day it will be by the time you leave. 



(Note:  It’s more than brunch, despite the name. 



We heard that the Wednesday night special of burger and pint is also something to put on your calendar too.)



At manager Taylor Martin’s very good suggestion we sampled one of the most popular brunch options, “The Peachtree Plate”. 



This is two eggs, bacon, pimiento cheese grits, fried green tomatoes and a biscuit.  The bacon is coated in brown sugar, making it more like a delicious confection that landed on your breakfast plate than a piece of meat.  The pimiento grits don’t drown you in cheese but rather give you flavor that combines with the meal without overtaking it.



Salmon Cakes Benedict – poached eggs, lemon caper hollandaise on salmon cakes, with roasted garlic grits—had ample spice and vegetables in the salmon cakes and lots of butter in the grits. 



If we had sampled “West Egg Café” before our last day in Atlanta we’d no doubt would have made a return. 



The drink menu itself is reason for a trip to the Westside Provisions District, an up and coming retail/restaurant development zone in the city.  In addition to the aforementioned “Milky Way Latte” we sampled the “Strawberries N’Cream” espresso drink.  This one isn’t the visual startle of the “Milky Way” but it is VERY strawberry and dessert like. 



Don’t choose between brunch or dessert—have both—at any hour.



***Warning – Get there before the 8 AM opening time or plan to wait.  On weekends the queue time goes up to an hour and a half by mid-morning. 


West Egg Café

1100 Howell Mill Road

Atlanta, Georgia 30318


404 872 3973


For more information visit the West Egg Café website.




Photos:  Peter Kachergis unless otherwise indicated



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