Snow Pea Salads

Blanched, cut lengthwise, topped with grated carrots, walnuts and tamari dressing

Snow peas are often served as one of many ingredients in a soup or stir fry. But their fresh, grassy taste makes them wonderful as a cold salad all by themselves.

First, blanche them in a steamer until they are bright green. then chill them in the refrigerator. When you make your meal, simply slice the peas lengthwise into strips and add your favorite dressing. I like to add a bit of color, so I grated some carrots on top, crumbled some walnuts over that and topped it with a creamy tamari dressing.

Sweet potatoes make a perfect counterpoint to the grassy, green snow peas

I had a small sweet potato in the refrigerator and tried that with the snow peas and discovered a wonderful taste combination that was a bit more filling. Visually, the round orange coins of sweet potato laying on the yellow-green spikes of pea was beautiful to look at and fun to eat.

Adding a touch of elegance to a plate is easy with a few simple preparations that can be done over the weekend when you have the time.

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