Short on Time or Burnt Out on the Grill? Revitalize with a Versatile Veggie Wrap

Whether as a snack or a light meal, a veggie wrap is a tasty and healthful option, and also falls right in line with the low-carb craze currently sweeping the nation. Those reluctant to grub on greens might be slower to see the appeal, but this wrap is just as exciting as the variety of ingredients you include. With grocery stores brimming with the bounty of the latest growing season, summer is the perfect time to load up on fresh produce.

1 whole wheat tortilla
Spinach greens (or salad mix)

Red onion
Green/yellow bell pepper
Chopped hot peppers
Carrot shavings
Fresh tomato
Minced garlic

Spread Miracle Whip or mayonnaise (if desired) on a whole wheat tortilla, or wait until the end and shake a little salad dressing over the top of the vegetables. Then add spinach greens or salad mix, shredded with your fingers (grocery stores sell packaged baby spinach prewashed and ready to eat). Parsley is a great addition for multifaceted flavor; this is also shredded with your fingers. You should now have a leafy green pile in the middle of your tortilla, the building block for a great veggie wrap. Proceed to add thinly sliced red onion and green or yellow bell pepper, diced cucumber, half an avocado, and top off with salsa. For extra spice, include chopped hot peppers or minced garlic.

Relax in the simple preparation and relish the results!

Photo credit: Michelle White

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