PBS Celebrity Chef Tommy Tang Releases a New Season of His Cooking and Travel Adventure Series

PBS Celebrity Chef Tommy Tang
Releases a New Season of His Cooking and Travel Adventure Series,
“Easy Thai Cooking” Complete with a Music Video,
a First for the Industry
After three previous seasons of shooting worldwide, Tommy Tang returns to his native Thailand with 26 episodes of “ Easy Thai Cooking” with the cool sounds throughout the series from “CARABAO,” Thailand’s answer to U2.  This series is accompanied by its own music video (see YouTube.com).


A good cooker Tommy Tang, Thai food

With 186 shows to date over the last 13 years , Chef Tang, with his ever humorous, charming charisma takes his viewers on a journey to exotic and fascinating countries with a quick study of their History, Culture, Points of Interest and, of course, all things Culinary.  A most familiar face to PBS viewers nationwide, in this upcoming series he cooks and travels his way across his beloved Thailand, proudly featuring “ THE ELEPHANT BUFFET AND ROUND-UP,” a truly amazing sight with these nationally treasured animals feasting from the most elaborate buffet imaginable, before performing for an audience of thousands.  Then there is the magical FLOATING LANTERN FESTIVAL, part of the Loy Kratong celebration which pays homage to the WATER, crucial to, among other things, growing THAI HOM MALI RICE, commonly referred to as “the earth’s best and most fragrant rice.”


Tommy Tang Chef

With all cooking segments done on location, chef Tang prepares many rice dishes throughout his series, as well as many traditional and non-traditional Thai recipes, never forgetting the fact that he is speaking to his longtime, loyal audience in the U.S. and Canada with recipes they will appreciate, given Chef Tang’s usual creative twist to adapt to the Western palate, something he has long been famous for since he brought the Thai food movement to the U.S. in the late ‘70s.
The new look and sound of this series, shot in HD, is a true collaborative effort with Tang bringing in Adam Litwinski of Post Apocalypse as both director and editor, some of whose credits include the three-time award-winning documentary, “A Necessary Journey,” Columbia, Def Jam and Virgin Records, Motown’s Urban Box Office Network, American Education Institute, NFL Films and Infinity Motors.


A Taste of Tang at the Thai Fest

Seth Kotok came on board as director of photography and some of his credits include feature films “ The Panic Room,” “Election,” and “Into the Wild,” as well as the award-winning documentary, “A Necessary Journey.”
Tang continues to diversify his interests/talents working on upcoming feature film and mainstream television projects, as well as his Tsunami Children Foundation www.tsunamicf.org.
Series starts early June, 2009.  Viewers can call their local PBS affiliates nationwide for specific airdates.
Sponsors for this season are “ The Department of Foreign Trade of Thailand,” “Singha Beer,” “PPT Travel,” and “7Lotus Foods.”


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