Glutton for Pleasure Review – Bob Blumer’s Newest Cookbook is “Fun”tastic

Award Winner, Gourmand, Chef, Author, Entertainer, TV Host and seven time Guinness World Record holder Bob Blumer is at it again. This time with his fourth cookbook titled Glutton for Pleasure – Signature Recipes, Epic Stories and Surreal Etiquette.

Bob Blumer

Bob Blumer host for Food Network's "Surreal Gourmet" and "Glutton for Punishment"  claims that his is an accidental career, which all started with a housewarming gift he made to his sister. He’d compiled his favorite recipes, taken pictures and even illustrated the book himself. It sounds like he had such a good time with his sisters project that a few years later he talked himself into a cookbook deal and the rest as they say is history.

Chocolate Wontons just one of the many creative recipes

In Glutton for Pleasure his fourth ingenious cookbook, Blumer features a collection of recipes that put the fun into cooking. Many of them are his signature "Surreal" recipes either reinvented or rewritten to clarify certain points. Others come from his many additional projects. Some have never been published. All of them are creative, amusing, and quirky. Oh, and add delicious – at least the ones I’ve tasted have been. If pages upon pages of mouthwatering recipes aren’t enough for you, Blumer has peppered his book with stories, cooking/kitchen techniques, and entertainment pointers. Some of my favorites moments in the cookbook are stories of: how the Toastermobile came into being, how he reinvented himself and lived up to the “Surreal” aspects of his career, and his flambéing not just the dish he was cooking but a cooking assistant on Australian TV.

The Toastermobile

Along side all the stories Blumer gives cooking tips and techniques related to the recipes he has created. He offers pointers on: how to Feng Shui your kitchen, party hosting and etiquette, as well as the perfect music to play while cooking each of his recipes. If 271 pages of stories, recipes, techniques and tips weren’t enough for Blumer to offer, renaissance man that he is; Blumer drew all the quirky surreal illustrations and made all the object d’art for the entire cookbook. When does this man rest? Maybe he doesn’t sleep.

Shrimp on the Barbie a perfect example of the humor found in the cookbook

Blumer truly has a lot on his plate and one of the numerous projects he is involved in is writing a recipe column for Highway Magazine. As I’m writing this it is the Winter Christmas holidays. I received Glutton for Pleasure a couple of days before I left town to visit my mom for the holidays. I took it with me so I could review it during my break. As I was reading Blumer told a story about the Toastermobile and in the story he mentioned how he was approached by Highway Magazine to write a column. I’d put the book down and gone into visit with my mom. She had just finished opening her mail and was looking at what I thought was a catalog and said to me “oh, this recipe looks good, poached eggs on butternut squash hash”. (She and I had been on a poached egg fling since I got home and was excited to see a recipe featuring them.) I just started to laugh and said let me see that and sure enough she was reading Highway Magazine and had picked out Bulmer’s column intrigued by his recipe. Yes, I have made it and we both love it.

Column from Highway Magazine

I haven’t cooked my way through Glutton for Pleasure, yet. I have however, made some of the easiest recipes and found some that are going to stick in my repertoire. Like the Cauliflower Popcorn, Beer Can Chicken and what I think may be my favorite the Cocktail Dates. I’m also eager to try the Grilled Pizza. His recipe for Shrimp on the Barbie is a perfect example of the humor found in the cookbook. The Chocolate Wontons show the creativity incorporated in his recipes.

I’ve had the pleasure of sampling some of Blumer’s cooking where he’d made some of his "Surreal" recipes. Among the recipes were Shrimp on the Barbie, Chicken Popsicles, Bruchetta di Proscuitto, all of which are in Glutton for Pleasure. While I was greedily sampling the recipes I tried to think of a word to describe the deliciousness I was eating. I wanted to find a word that was better than yummy. A fellow I was talking to tried his hand and came up with “yum”tastic. When we told Blumer we thought his food was “"yum"tastic, you know better than yummy and fantastic so "yum"tastic”. Blumer thought we said “fun”tastic and of course that says it all Blumer, his food and this cookbook are certainly “fun”tastic.

Glutton for Pleasure

You can find out more about Bob Blumer and even order his book at

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