Workout Tips: 6 Ways to Choose the Right Program For You

To work out for health and fitness is a personal choice. Still, it is difficult to determine which type of fitness workout is really good for a person. There are plenty of information available on the web, all of them selling their fitness program, saying that their workout plan is guaranteed to help you. Almost all neighborhood has a gym or two as well as health and fitness centers. If you are looking for an effective fitness program, here are some ideas to help you make a choice.

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1. For the Newbie

Start slow if you've stopped exercising for a few years or you've never exercised before. You have to get your body conditioned to physical activities. Start with low-impact activities such as machine circuit training if you want to enroll at a gym. You can also go swimming or hiking. If you can afford it, hire a physical trainer so you will have a regulated and supervised workout program. If you like some privacy while you exercise, there is the option of online workout classes or video tutorials in which you can partake instead.

2. For the Athletes

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Athletes are already primed for heavier workout routines. If you want a more dynamic environment, CrossFit is a good choice. Of course, there are different types of athletes, so choosing the right set of exercises is also important. If you are an endurance athlete, adventure racing, rowing, cross country skiing and triathlon training will suit you. If your body and talent are more into power, you can combine CrossFit and powerlifting.

3. Zen-seekers

If you're big on spiritualism, you'll feel a disconnect in fitness as an activity primarily for the body. Those who put prime importance to spirituality and peace would fare better to choose a workout routine that reflects your belief. Instead of cardio exercises at the gym, choose exercises that connect your mind and body. Good choices are yoga, qi gong and tai chi.  

4. Dance Enthusiasts

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If dancing is more your thing, then by all means do it as it is an enjoyable way to exercise. You move with intensity and intention so you'll definitely get a good workout. There are a variety of dance workouts out there. You can go pole dancing, belly dancing, ballroom, Zumba, Batuka, hip-hop, yoga dance, go go dance, Jazzercise, ballroom cardio and even country line dancing.

5. Calorie-burners

To effectively and efficiently burn calories during a workout, combine weight lifting and running (not jogging). You'll benefit from HIIT, rowing and plyometrics for a full-body workout. For a great strength and cardio training, go for boot camp. You'll get rigorous cardiovascular exercise from circuit training together with sit ups and pushups. It can be tailored to your fitness level so check with the instructor first. 

You can include strength-training in this category, which is more advantageous than just working out with weights, because you will be targeting your major muscle groups. For a total body conditioning, you'll normally have specific exercises including cardio, squats, lunges, free weights and body bars. With these exercises, you'll have toned and stronger muscles as you burn fat.

6. Non-exercisers

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You do not have to go to the gym to get fit. If you absolutely hate working out, it is also your choice. But if you want to stay fit even if you hate going to the gym, then do a lifestyle change. Take plenty of walks or go cycling. One other thing you can do is eat smaller portions of whole food.

Finding the right fitness program that you'll stick to means that you have consider several factors. Think about your fitness goals so you can tailor your fitness regimen to what you require to maintain a healthy and active life. Think whether you will only train your muscles or your whole body, which includes your coordination and balance, circulation, breathing and your joints – these are more important than just increasing your muscle size.

You should separate goals for weight loss and fitness goals as your calorie intake and calorie-burning processes for the two are different. See to it that your fitness program fits in with your schedule, as any exercise program should be chosen so that your stress is relieved, not add to it. 

It is better to have an fitness program that incorporates training for both body and mind, such as Yoga. Tai Chi or Crossfit. You'll benefit better with a program that develops your entire person.

Overall, to find the right fitness program for you, know your personality traits. Your exercise program should mirror that, so you can remain motivated to stick to it.

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