Weight-Loss Review - 20 powerful weight-loss tips


  1.          As soon as you wake up, have a glass of water, then a breakfast high in fiber and low in sugar i.e. the old fashioned Oatmeal, flavored with cinnamon, blueberries and protein powder or semi-skimmed milk.
  2.          This is a rule; drink a tall glass of water before every meal of the day. It fills up your stomach, destroys greed, provides your body with enough water and you´ll eat less, effortlessly.
  3. Eat six times during the day. I.e. at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm. The three main meals of the day are breakfast, lunch and dinner which should cover 75% of the daily calorie intake. The other three are so-called snacks. It´s very important to take snacks seriously because for only 100 calories per snack you prevent over-eating, your blood sugar level will be balanced, your mood will be better and your energy level high. A piece of fruit, a protein bar or low-fat yogurt is an example of a great snack.
  4. You will not gain anything from skipping a meal because when you eventually eat you´ll eat far more than you need and you´ll wind up guild ridden.
  5. When you eat, always keep fiber in mind. Your body needs 25-35 grams of dietary fiber every day according to Nordic Nutrition Recommendation. You get fiber from Cruciferous  veggies, whole grain products, apple peel and so on. Always look for fiber content when you shop for bread and pasta. Keep in mind that most of us get around 10 grams of fiber every day through modern diet so it´s a challenge to reach the desired goal of 25 grams.
  6. According to NNR (Nordic Nutrition Recommendation) only 10% of your total calorie consumption every day should come from refined sugar. A half a liter bottle of sugary soda fills that quota alone.
  7. A diet of 1500 calories a day should be divided this way; breakfast=400 calories, snack=100 calories, lunch=400 calories, snack=100 calories, dinner=400 calories, snack=100 calories.
  8. Your daily energy is divided into four macronutrients; Carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol.  When you´re in an energy deficit you should consume 60% energy Carbohydrates, 20% energy Protein (1 gram per kilogram bodyweight) and 20% energy fat.
  9. Exercise at a high intensity for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, every day.
  10. Always try to get your 8 hours of sleep. When your body is well rested, your choice of food will be better and therefore healthier.

  1. Keep in mind that fluids can contain many empty calories, so be on the safe side and drink water.
  2. Prepare the TV snack earlier in the day and put melons, grapes, strawberries and cucumbers on a pretty plate and keep in the fridge. Your mind will automatically choose that over chocolates or chips. Don´t believe me? Try it.
  3. To lose 1 kg bodyweight a week you have to conserve 1,100 calories a day. Conserve? Yes, eat 1,100 calories less than your body burns during the day. Keep in mind, if your total energy expenditures is lower than 2,300 calories you should not aim for a weight loss of 1 kg a week. ½ a kilo would be appropriate.
  4. Whenever possible, quench your thirst in water.
  5. Eat 6 fruits and vegetables a day at any time possible.
  6. In a weight loss process, this is your plate model; ½ of the plate covered with vegetables, ¼ of the plate with meat or fish and ¼ of the plate with rice or potatoes.
  7. When you feel that you don´t control your cravings, especially at night try brushing your teeth or take a sip of mouth wash.  Don´t swallow it though.
  8.  On a busy day, keep fresh fruits or a healthy homemade sandwich in your car or in your purse. If you do that you won´t get the cravings for fast food.
  9. When you go grocery shopping, do so on a full stomach always, write a list and stick to it. That way you skip the unhealthy impulse buy we all know.
  10. Be positive. Don´t think that the healthy food is killing you when it´s actually saving you.

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