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It is that time of the year when you want to start shaping up for summer and there are so many fitness options that you want to make sure that you make the right choice and get the most value for your dollar. TRX is the perfect choice for so many reasons, but just know that wherever you are or whatever you want to accomplish, TRX is the only fitness product that you can take anywhere and be ready for a workout in seconds.

TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack

TRX might strike you from first glance as a workout system for the hardcore athlete, but in fact it is for every athlete. While anyone can use it, trust me you are going to feel it after your first workout. To let you know that TRX means business, it came out of the U.S. Navy SEALS and you are not going to find a more intense group anywhere. TRX is a leveraged bodyweight exercise, which simply means that you really are in control of the exercises and the intensity level of the exercises that you choose. Beyond controlling the actual exercises, the best part about TRX is that you control where you actually workout. It is great for in your home, but it is a simple piece of equipment that you can throw in your backpack and use anywhere. If you go for a run you can stop and throw it on a tree or monkey bars and if you want to avoid those extra gym fees at hotels, TRX is perfect for every roadtrip that you take.

To get started using TRX I found that trying out the 40/40 challenge was a fabulous way to get introduced to TRX. If you visit: you will get examples of the TRX Atomic Pushup and the TRX Low Row. Both exercises are fairly simple to do, one at a time, but as you try to reach the 40/40 goal you will see putting it all together is not only a challenge, but a major workout. Don't expect to become the master of the 40/40 right away, it takes time and consistent workouts, but it is a great goal to strive for. Those are just two of many different exercises that you can perform with the TRX. Once you get going, you will find that you will not need anything else other than the TRX for whatever type of workout you are doing and it will benefit you no matter what type of sport you are involved in.


Using TRX Outdoors

You will find out quickly once you start using TRX that you have the ability to get creative with it and you can get as inventive as you want with your exercises as you create own workout. But if you prefer to stick with the experts, TRX is launching the TRX TV series. This was a great idea to assist those of you who are looking for new workout idea or just need that personal video trainer to help you get going. TRX will focus on one specific area of training each month. The beginning of each week they start off with a training tip, then breakdown one specific exercise and finally they give you the weekly sequence which gives you the science behind three or four additional moves. This is all free on the website or you can purchase a 30-minute workout, a visual guide and access to all 12 weekly videos instantly for only $9.95. In addition for those of you looking for sport specific workouts, TRX offers DVD’s for a large number of popular sports.

Athletes are moving away from weights and trying to find alternatives to just hitting the gyn and that is why TRX has become so popular. Some of the athletes that have gotten hooked on TRX include Drew Brees, Carmelo Anthony, soccer players Heather Mitts and Lance Parker and many more. If you were able to catch the inspiring movie "Soul Surfer" that recently opened in theaters, you can catch surfer Bethany Hamilton using TRX as part of her training in the closing credits.

If you still are not convinced that the TRX is the one fitness product that you need in your house just take a few minutes and visit their website. You will quickly see videos and workout programs that are not only easy to follow, but they will also motivate you to get off your couch, put the TRX on your door and get working out. Trust me, after one workout you will be amazed at what TRX does for your body.

For more information on TRX Suspension Training, call (888) 878-5348 or visit

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