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Las Vegas is home to countless dancers, performers and simply jobs that part of your performance is looking good and being fit. Trying to find that perfect workout and push yourself is not always easy, luckily for Las Vegas they are soon to be introduced to TruFusion Yoga. Yoga is in the name of this monstrous sized studio, but you will quickly learn that yoga just scratches the surface of what TruFusion has to offer you.

September is National Yoga Month, making it the perfect time for TruFusion to open their doors and to help get introduced to Las Vegas and celebrate this celebratory month, TruFusion is offering a free week for you to come and try out the studio. Trying out the studio likely will take at least a week as you navigate the 9,600 square foot studio and the wide assortment of classes. TruFusion is not just about the classes, it is about the experience and providing you with a tranquil and relaxing experience. As TruFusion says “We built our studio from the ground up with YOU in mind,” and it shows. You are going to find a snack bar to take care of all your needs in a healthy manner, complimentary reverse osmosis drinking water, a lounge to relax in before and after classes, spacious locker rooms and settings that fit each class. The classrooms offer state-of-the-art climate control features that can change room temperature within minutes and to keep the studio fresh, TruFusion has a purge system that recirculates air within moments and finally to provide you with a setting that you need for yoga there is indirect lighting to give you a more subtle lighting environment.

TruFusion is the place to celebrate National Yoga Month whether you are a beginner or have been practicing yoga for years. Revitalize is a 60-minute class that is geared more for beginners and the 75-minute is more for the intermediate level. This class uses functional command to move students in and out of postures clearly and seamlessly to help introduce the beginner but it also has options for advanced modifications to create a more challenging and rewarding experience. Invigorate is a heated set sequence vinyasa class that has been broken into four parts; flexibility, balance, power and inversions. It will connect movement to breathe, build strength and stamina, develop adaptability and put the power of self into personal purpose.

If you are looking for a little more high impact workout, TruFusion has incorporated two of the best workout tools you will find into their studio, TRX and Kettlebell. TruFusion offers the largest TRX studio in the world! TheTru TRX class uses the TRX uses suspension drills to recruit all muscle while stabilizing muscles in the body in an extremely challenging class. TRX straps allow one to leverage gravity and bodyweight to perform literally hundreds of exercises and the class may contain mobility, cardio and strength drills to complement the TRX experience. Kettlebell Fusion combines Kettlebell and yoga into a 60 minute class that features Kettlebell drills, such as the swing, clean, press, jerk and snatch that will build functional strength while the yoga postures infused in the class improve flexibility and active recovery. Finally if you are looking for what sounds like the ultimate workout to build muscle and shred fat try the Kettlebell-TRX Fusion class. This combines the suspension drills of TRX and the resistance training of the kettlebell in a class that will always surprise your muscles and provide you with a memorable workout. You are also going to find classes such as hot pilates, barefoot bootcamp and many other options to keep you challenged.

On September 22nd TruFusion will have two of their teachers representing that at the first annual Vegas Gone Yoga! Festival at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve.  On the same day TruFusion will have Valery Federenko in their studio to do a seminar. Valery is the chief advisor to the World Kettlebell Club

If you have hit the proverbial wall with your workout or if you are looking for something new in different in terms of not only a workout, but an environment TruFusion Yoga just might be the answer to your fitness questions.


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