The importance of team support for fitness competitions

Since the Fitness world is very competitive, it can feel overwhelming.  As a result, when an athlete is

 competing, it is important to have encouragement and support for training, as well as guidance and cheerleading from those who have experience and are familiar with expectations.  This can make the difference between a successful experience as opposed to a frustrating struggle without much success. Many girls join teams for this support, guidance and training.

"Having a workout partner equals regular accountability and SUCCESS. It is literally having a crowd on the sidelines cheering you on, no room to fail."  Alicia Marie fitness professional, Oxygen columnist, author “Booty Bible”

The preparation for fitness contests can be quite challenging and expensive as well and with many girls having to work a job, this can get very challenging.  When in training there is a strict diet that must be followed in order to achieve the type of body that will win one of the contests.  Additionally there are vitamins and special supplements and power formulas that the contestants often use. It takes a lot of dedication and focus in order to achieve these goals.

2x IFBB Figure Olympia Champion 3x IFBB Figure International Champion Nicole Wilkins expresses

“Getting ready for a fitness competition is one of the hardest yet most rewarding experiences you will ever have.  Do not overlook the fine details such as, posing, hair, makeup, tanning (much darker than salon tans), and your suit.  Enlist the help of professionals the day of the show to ensure you look your best.  It is basically a beauty pageant for fit girls, so if any of these details are missed, it could cost you a higher placing.  Most of all enjoy the journey and have fun!”   NW Fitness Group, Inc.

The girls prepare for months and sometimes years to get in tip top shape. They must adhere to a strict diet and exercise to attain their personal goals in order to be in top form for the contest.  After that, they have to learn the proper protocol for the contest, walking and posing.  This takes a skilled coach to teach them how to present the bodies and muscles in the way that is most flattering to show the judges. Walking in 7 inch clear spike heels can be a challenge.

 The bikinis are specially made for these contests and can run from a few hundred to several hundred.  There is often travel involved so the contestants must put aside time and money in order to travel.  Additionally, getting the right tan is essential for the bright stage lights which mute out color. The tans can cost upwards to 150 dollars each.  Then there is the hair and makeup that can cost several more hundred!  After all is said and done, we realize that it takes a team of people to prepare these athletes.

Bikini fitness competition

Being part of a team can help ease the stress of all the preparation involved through the guidance of the trainer and support of the more seasoned members of the team. The team can be a strong motivation and rock behind the successful contestant.

Article by Donna Spangler. 



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