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The Ice Cream Cleanse Review - The Magic of Detoxifying Your Body and Soul

By Dianne Ruiz

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The unification of your body and soul can take you to a state of euphoria. RA MA Yoga Institute and Kippy’s Ice Cream have collaborated in bringing forth a four-day detox program. By combining the two, your body will be ready to experience an invigorating effect.



Let’s begin by introducing Kundalini Yoga. As stated by the RA MA Institute, the energy of the glandular system you experience combines with the nervous system to create sensitivity that the brain receives. Kundalini literally means the “energy of consciousness.” In the span of four days, each yoga class targets different organ systems, which include: the gallbladder, liver, spleen and the thyroid. By implementing the practice of Kundalini Yoga it allows your body to remove stress and negative energy thereby allowing a natural flow of energy to resonate.



We then incorporate Kippy’s Ice Cream Cleanse to help with the process of cleansing and detoxifying the digestive system. There are a total of five meal servings a day of Kippy’s non-dairy ice cream. The ice cream is made from  organic  coconuts imported from Mexico. There is a total of about 1,000 coconuts imported every month. The water from the coconuts are tasted individually to ensure quality taste. The coconuts are then pressed into coconut cream and this is how the ice cream is made fresh every morning.


Coconut water and raw honey are two major ingredients of the ice cream cleanse since coconut water is filled with electrolytes and raw honey has an abundant amount of enzymes. Coconuts are an important factor in the ice cream formula because the raw saturated fat from the coconut cleanses the blood, tissue, and organs from your body. Super foods such as maca and chlorophyll help activate the thyroid which increases metabolism and because these super foods are combined into the ice cream it makes the cleanse effective. By the end of the program the results will include: decreased inflammation, higher levels of energy, immediate weight loss and healthy looking hair and skin. 


Lawrence Davis, Publisher of Splash Magazines also participated in the ice cream cleanse. Here were some of his thoughts throughout the four-day detox program. He expressed how much more elevated he felt both physically and spiritually. This experience acted as a reset button for his body. The practice of Kundalini Yoga transmitted a healing and comforting stimulation. He definitely recommends GuruJas because he felt she was very involved, gentle and her sense of concern was genuine. He described her as a “white light.” He recommends the ice cream cleanse to anyone who feels the need to reset him or herself physically or spiritually.

In my personal experience, it was very challenging to change my dietary habits, however I convinced myself that I was worth it! For many of us, breaking old habits is the hardest part. However, I must say that the results were rewarding. I felt rejuvenated both physically and spiritually. There was something invigorating about waking up earlier than usual every morning and feeling consciously awakened through the practice of Kundalini Yoga. I physically began to feel more aware of my body. After class I would pick up my days supply of Kippy’s Ice Cream and consume it as my meal throughout the day. The ice cream flavors were all very delicious, yes there was even chocolate! I also want to express how important it is to have an encouraging support system during the process. Thanks to the detox cleansing I was able to lose eight pounds by the fourth day. I have begun to incorporate yoga, meditation and healthy eating habits into my everyday life; it has already become a lifestyle. Are you ready to change your life? I did and I’ve never felt so alive!


A special thanks to: Ra Ma Institute and Kippy’s Ice Cream Shop.


Please visit RA MA Yoga Institute and Kippy's Ice Cream for a magical experience. 

Published on Feb 13, 2014

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