The Fit Expo 2013 – Ten Years and Still Growing

The Fit Expo celebrated ten years in Los Angeles by once again putting together two days of memorable events and a packed house of fitness enthusiasts who left wishing this event was longer than two days. The Fit Expo is always the perfect way to kick off the New Year and you can be sure that January 19 and 20 at the Los Angeles Convention Center caused a number of people to raise the New Year Resolutions to a whole new level.

Jay Cutler

Trying to pack everything in to the two day event could leave needing a break, the question was beginning Saturday morning where do you start? There is always a mad rush to get to the booth to get some of the latest fitness product samples while also getting to meet plenty of fitness celebrities. Fitness royalty was everywhere and it would hard to find bigger names than Jay Cutler, Ronnie Coleman and Lou Ferrigno all under one roof. Mix in some of the strongest people in the world showing off just how strong they truly are along with the craze that is CrossFit at every age level and then almost any type of fitness class you could imagine to try out first hand. Let’s not forget about learning the power of Chia and how you can make a simple and amazing dessert that is great for your body. There truly was more to do and see than two days allowed.

Cooking demo from Chia Co

The Fit Expo is like Halloween for the fit, trick-or-treating from booth to booth, finding samples of old favorites as well as the latest releases. CytoSport was giving out samples of their performance Energy Drops as well as well as their new protein shake Evolve that is only 110 calories. VPX unleashed their new drink Bang 357, a combination of creatine, caffeine and BCAA. It wasn't just the name brands that were at the Fit Expo, but a number of great new lines were introduced.

VPX Booth

While the FitExpo was filled with supplements, NEO Super Water was introducing everyone to the athletes most important need, water. In name and taste NEO is water, but there is certainly much more to it. NEO has three active benefits, alkaline, electrolytes and antioxidants. The benefits of NEO include; balancing you pH, electrolytes and oxygen allow you to hydrate faster, the antioxidants protect and revitalize cells, it boosts energy and health and it increases performance and speeds recovery. Next time you are reaching for a drink to take along with you on your workout, avoid all the additives and forget plain, give your workout a natural boost with NEO Super Water. For more information on NEO Super Water, visit:

NEO Super Water with a new fan

NEO Super Water

Island Boost is a great new product that is geared more towards the endurance athlete and it is the perfect fit for the cross-fit crowd that seemed to be dominating the Fit Expo floor over the weekend. Developed by Laura Mildon, Island Boost is a favorite among runners, cyclists, triathletes, fitness enthusiasts and boxers such as Manny Pacquio. Island Boost is a premium athletic energizer used by athletes to prevent muscle cramping, and to improve their performance during workouts and competitive events, you just rip open a packet and take it prior to your workout or event and you will be able to maintain your performance for a longer period of time. One packet will get you through 30-40 minutes of exercise and for longer durations, you can just add packets to help you keep going as unlike other products, Island Boost is quickly turned into useable energy.  For more information on Island Boost, visit:

Island Boost

While the annual Fit Expo was filled with beautiful and fit female fitness models and workout gurus, most of the actual products are simply marketed to men. NLA Performance wanted to change that and they decided that the Fit Expo was the perfect spot to launch NLA For Her, their supplement line geared strictly to women. The product line includes SHRED HER, which has a number of great ingredients including ursolic acid, HER WHEY, which is a gluten free protein, HER Aminos and UPLIFT pre-workout formula and the line is put to use by IFBB pro figure athlete Jessie Hilgenberg. Don’t worry men, NLA has a line for you which features T-Blast, an amazing testosterone optimizer. For more information on NLA Performance, visit:  

Tire Challenge

Coffee to so many people in Amerca is not only the drink they reach for to start their day, but it is also the perfect beverage, flavor and caffeine make it the combination of choice. Nothing is truly perfect and LA Fitness Coffee took regular coffee and made it compatible to anyone in fitness and looking for a little extra edge. LA Fitness Coffee has all the of the great taste of any high end coffee but they created  a brand that has 350% more antioxidants than green tea due to adding 16 of the world’s healthiest ingredients. LA Fitness coffee is all natural, contains no artificial additives, colorings or flavors, it also has no preservatives, no added msg, no added sugar and no GMO.  You can also find after drinking LA Fitness Coffee that it may help you increase your metabolism, lose weight and improve muscle recovery. You prepare and drink LA Fitness Coffee just like you would any other coffee, but unlike other coffee it will give you so much more than just a caffeine boost. For more information on LA Fitness Coffee, visit: Booth

The latest from CytoSport - Evolve

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