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David Shales and Terry Blassingame

A few years ago fitness guru Terry Blassingame recognized that heart disease and obesity had affected a large number of members of his family.   He had been training celebrities and athletes for a number of years before deciding to develop a fitness program that would inspire families and friends to come together and support each other in their quest to get fit.   “Childhood obesity, heart disease and Type  II Diabetes are at an all-time high in the United States”, comments Terry.  “We can prevent the onset of these diseases most times by practicing a healthy lifestyle.” 


Beautiful Balboa Park was the perfect setting for the taping of Terry’s Fitness video.  Friends, family members and professional fitness experts all came together to support and encourage each other to do their personal best.


Participants in the exercise video are Norma Dalke, Deborah Hayter, Michael Berryman, Kyle Steiner,Mary Blauvelt, Markela Corbet, Nancy Francis, Elizabeth Gomez, Melissa Gomez, William Rayburn Green, Carla Marie, Michael Neuble, Amanda Saenz,David Shales, Carla Short, Carla E. Spaulding, Serita Stevens, Tommy Spaulding, Jared Degado, and Jasmin Turner


Mary Blauvelt, Markela Corbet, Nancy Francis, Elizabeth Gomez, Melissa Gomez, William Rayburn Green, Carla Marie, Michael Neuble, Amanda Saenz,David Shales, Carla Short, Carla E. Spaulding, Serita Stevens, Tommy Spaulding, Jared Degado, and Jasmin Turner

Bill Green who recently turned 75 appeared as enthusiastic as the youngest participant Melissa Gomez who was there with her mother.


Jasmin Turner/Elizabeth Gomez

Arguably, the most enthusiastic during the workout was Carla Short a cast member of the television show, “99 and Rich”.  Carla has been plagued with a number of health issues such as Lupus, rods in both legs and two back surgeries.  But this did not deter her from keeping up with Terry and the rest of the group.


To begin a serious health routine, Terry recommends setting realistic goals that will involve your partner, your friends or your child.   He emphasizes the importance of identifying personal goals, such as energy to play with children or grandchildren, dreaming of finishing a 5k walk or run or simply breathing better.  “Choose a reason and know the value of beginning a health regimen and sticking to it,” said Terry.


Jared Degado/T.Blassingame/Marv Blauvelt/David Shales

Terry’s clients range from celebrities to those who simply want to look and feel better, but he also knows the value of coming together with a support group or partner has many advantages.  Terry knows the pain of frustration of trying to lose weight and stay healthy.  Terry has worked with clients who needed a behavioral modification program as well as a diet that would help them maintain their stamina while working out and cutting their calorie consumption.


Marv Blauvelt/Carla Spaulding/Carla Short Terry Blassingame/Carla Marie/Melissa Gomez

Terry’s program is also about planning and patience.  He helps families and individuals map out their strategies for getting fit by breaking them down into mini-goals.  He also assists them in defining the steps need to reach them.  “Think patience and not perfection” is his motto, since as he puts it, “Most of us want to shed a few pounds “now” or feel better today.”  Terry’s program is about keeping weight off the right way citing that the habits and behaviors that lead to poor diet, lack of exercise and bad habits did not happen overnight.  So he reminds his clients that even though they may not see results overnight, if they stay with a program, they will eventually begin to look better, feel better and enjoy a healthy routine.


Another factor that Terry addresses is the fact that families with both  parents or single parents work all day and find it difficult to have the time to plan healthy meals.  He encourages parents to get their children involved in meal planning and to use the fast food restaurant only during an emergency period when no other resources are available.


Terry Blassingame

Telling his clients to stop dwelling on failure Terry helps them to see the bigger picture.  “I remind clients that we all have bad days, with our jobs, our spouses, kids and partners.  But we can get through all this by looking at the big picture andinstead of buying ice cream and cookies for that evening’s snack,  try fruit or yogurt .

“Setbacks are inevitable, and one’s efforts to change may be impeded by a series of stops and starts.”  Terry has learned that it takes a lot of courage for a person to admit that they are spiraling into a danger zone when it comes to their health.  96636


Terry is currently planning a series of exercise programs throughout the United States to introduce his fitness program.   


Terry believes his video will help those who previously had not found the road to healthy habits.  “I want to work with those who are willing to take an honest and frequent look at their efforts as well as their setbacks and , to let them know that they can and will succeed if they take stock and responsibility for their health by developing better eating habits and a continued exercise program. 


For more information about training sessions or to get the DVD go to www.terryblassingame.com










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