Sverrir Thrainsson Weight Loss Aid - What´s eating you?

All of you, who have dreamt of losing weight and developing rock hard pecks and a six pack without success, take a moment and read this.

There is a reason for weight gain! Often the problems stem from a person’s past; events or memories that are nesting in your mind and you don’t know either how to deal with them or face them.  The emerging result is often over-eating.  

Over eating is for many people a way to fill a void, coping with unresolved issues and feelings. Hurt, guilt and emotional anguish are pushed under cover and the original cause for the problem keeps lurking inside the brain and hence controls the emotions and actions. The end result is that many people find themselves eating their way through their unresolved issues, causing rapid weight gain and general misery.

Memories of being bullied in school, being raised in an alcoholic environment or other unresolved experiences, might result in low self-esteem and negative self-worth.  Living in the shadows, forsaking your own self for others, taking blame and responsibility for others are key signs of codependency. Individuals often find it difficult to put themselves first, to love themselves and take care of themselves.

To lose weight is one thing, to start life anew is another.  The weight loss process starts in the mind and the lifestyle change for lasting results, starts with a clean-up of the psyche. This takes work, more work and still more work.

An experienced weight loss consultant can help an individual address the most common problems and together the over-eater and the consultant can find a solution that will work, resulting in successful life-style change and permanent weight loss.

Your body is yours, the temple of your soul. Don’t house other people’s problems, harmful attitudes, ideas or things you cannot change in body, in your soul, in your belly or on your shoulders.

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