Super Bowl Weekend Giveaway - Be Like Brett

It has been a few years since Brett Favre raised the Lombardi Trophy, but no matter how many years have passed he will always be remembered for his incredible quarterbacking career. To commemorate this huge football weekend Splash Magazines Worldwide is giving away some of Brett's favorite products.

Splash Magazines Worldwide is giving away three MicroTouch SwitchBlades and three Copper Fit Compression Sleeves, so six lucky readers are going to walk away with prizes this big game weekend.

Copper Fit

Brett was one of the toughest quarterbacks in history, but all those hits can lead to aches and pains. Copper Fit sleeves can help with muscle stiffness, soreness and pain as well as helping with recovery time of muscles.

The MicroTouch SwitchBlade takes care of all of the grooming needs that a man needs! From sideburns, to body and those bushy eyebrows, the SwitchBlade will transform to handle it all.


For more information visit MicroTouch and Copper Fit

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