Simplified Genetics Review - Is Your DNA the Key to Achieving Your Fitness and Weight Loss Goals?

We all learned in high school science class that DNA is the very road map to the human body. DNA profiling is the standard used by forensic scientists to assist in the identification of criminals; we’ve all watched CSI and Law and Order.  It can determine the presence of inherent disease as well as ancestry. It can tell you if your unborn child will have green eyes or brown hair.  It is used in molecular biology, evolutionary biology, metagenomics, ecology, etc. Well, what if I told you that it also can be used for personalized fitness optimization and weigh loss? 


I was recently introduced to Simplified Genetics, a lifestyle company, out of Dallas, TX., which has developed a DNA test that may have changed the very future of the fitness and weight loss industries.

What is SimplyFit? It is a full sequence genetic consumer DNA test which can tell you, with 99.9% clinically proven accuracy, the exact road map to your optimal fitness and weight loss potential. Here’s how it works. You swab the inside of your mouth collecting cheek cells, the swab is bottled in a test tube and sent via Fed Ex to the Simplified Genetics’ lab at Louisiana State University, the DNA is analyzed by their team of genetic scientists and the genetic markers are identified. Within a few weeks, you are emailed a full breakdown of what you need to eat, do and take in order to achieve your optimal physical being. Once you receive your results, you schedule a phone call with a Simplified Genetics staff member to go over them, so that you have a perfect understanding of how to apply them into your daily routine.

Don't Guess

Why would awareness of this information be important? As everyone’s body is different, it takes the guessing game and the one-size-fits-all approach to fitness and weight loss away as the program is catered exactly to your DNA.  As your DNA never changes, you only need to take this test once, and the results will be the same in your twenties as in your eighties. Have you ever wondered why you kill yourself at the gym with high-intensity interval training, only to not break through that dreaded plateau? Well, your body may only react well to low intensity, steady aerobic exercise like yoga or swimming. Or why a friend can eat a whole pizza and not gain a pound, while you can watch them eat that pizza and gain 5 pounds? The Simply Fit test will answer those questions for you and much more.

In my research, I have learned that there are a few competitors in the marketplace, claiming to do their version of very same thing.  However, I have discovered that the competitors are using SNP analysis and not full sequencing, and the basic difference between both methods is accuracy. SNP analysis, which has been the standard used in this space, is only 50% to 60% accurate, whereas full sequence analysis is 99.9% accurate.  In SNP, if they run the test through their machines a few times and receive varying conclusions, they average their findings to finalize their results.  In full sequencing, if the data shows variations, the genetic scientists repeat the process as many times as necessary to get exact matching outcomes.  Simplified Genetics is the only full sequence genetic testing lab in the USA in this space, so they are the only ones who can claim and provide outcomes with 99.9% accuracy.

Know What Works for You

As the most recent Gallup Poll shows that the 2014 American obesity rate has climbed to a record 27.7%, could this new scientifically proven solution may be the key to ending this epidemic?

The cost of the Simply Fit test is $479, and is available online at


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