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Because the Fitness world is very competitive it can feel overwhelming when an athlete is first starting out.  That’s why in the Fitness world it is important to have encouragement and support for training, guidance and cheerleading from those who have experienced and know what to expect from that world. This can make the difference between a successful experience as opposed to an experience where there are frustrating struggles without much success. Many girls join teams for this support. One team in this industry that sticks out is Team Fox.  

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 Alex ZeregaAlyssa Adamson,Victoria Renee, Crystal Cunningham, Jessica Quillan, Donna Spangler 

The athletes that comprise team Fox are unique and have star quality.  This group of dynamic ladies work hard to accomplish the ultimate zenith in their fitness goals.  The team trains 3-5 days a week together with a 4am to 5am start time while on their off days they train on an individual basis but usually totaling a daily workout.  The girls all compete at various levels of fitness including bikini and physique for awards and endorsements. 

Alisha Miller, owner of a Southern California magazine has a huge zest for life; Alyssa Adamson is a professional working in the California State University Education system and a full-time mother and holds several championship titles, most recent 2012 Ms. Iron Man Class C and Overall Champion. Additionally, she has been featured in May's edition of Iron Man Magazine.  

Alyssa Adamson

 Miss Flex Alex Zerega

Alex zerega

is a sporty and accomplished sponsored fitness model with a background in print, commercial, acting, a media spokesperson and a love for teaching. Alex can be seen gracing multiple magazine covers as well as a variety of television appearances in shows such as, CBS's "Two and a Half Men", and HBO's "Entourage". Alex is the 2010 FLEX Bikini Olympia Champion.  Crystal Cunningham is a student of Graphic Design with vast glamour and commercial/print modeling experience and is the 2012 Ms. Ironman Class B Champion and can be seen in the 2012 May edition of Iron Man magazine; Victoria Rene is the 2012 Ms. Iron Man Class A Champion and can be seen in the 2012 May edition of Iron Man Magazine;

Victoria Renee

Janaina Barral, a Brazilian beauty and ambitious personal trainer with experience in mixed martial arts and currently holds the Flex Bikini Los Angeles 2012 title. She can be seen in Muscle and Fitness HERS and FLEX magazine.   Jessica Quillian is a business-marketing professional with a background in modeling and a huge love for animals.  She has a strong competitive drive and looks to gain exposure to land a career in the fitness world. Lea Medina is an accounting professional with a passion for entrepreneurship and with commercial modeling experience. 

 Crystal Cunningham is from Long Beach CA and started her first modeling journey with her coach Bea Fox at m2 Fitness Pros in November. Her first competition was in January the following year in which she won first place in her class

crystal cunningham

Samara Day
is an International Relations/Global Business major with a US Air Force background.

Donna Spangler

 Donna Spangler, a role model for women over 40 by showing them that all is possible to achieve and maintain a strong healthy attractive body while both feeling and looking good at the same time. She is paving the way for women who want to get in shape and have a platform to present themselves. Tamara Dumas is a full-time mother and aesthetician with a love for personal training.     Jessie James is a 22 year old bartender and personal trainer who resides in the central coast town of San Luis Obispo, CA. Growing up in a competitive cheerleading facility owned by her mother and has been very much into physical activity and instructing classes and tumbling very early in life.

Bea Fox is the mentor coach-trainer and fierce leader for this dynamic group of ladies. "This is not a typical training program for a beginner or your general fitness population. You’ll get a glimpse of what this life truly entails as you read on.  I do everything from teaching and guiding the ladies about the basics of strength training, nutrition and even image is factored into the equation, but along with competitive coaching come life related principles that sometimes have a way of interrupting our training program. This level of competition is the reason I signed up for the role and what I feel contributed the most to becoming my personal best" says Bea, a former competitor herself. 


"I also act as a consultant and teach the ladies how to walk and present themselves for each level of competition". The girls come in thinking they are just going to work out but soon find out that the program encompasses both physical and mental strength and that there is a lot of discipline required and focused energy to be the best you can be.  Mental focus is a key aspect to being successful in the fitness industry and Bea is able to use her background and experience as a former competitor to relate to and mentor her team.

"I wanted to take my positive experience from my competitive journey and channel it into a productive and beneficial project that could help women going through various life challenges that I went through.  At a point in my life, I noticed myself repeating certain patterns and mistakes.  Beginning my exercise journey allowed me to clean up a lot of that behavior.  It enabled me to shift my thoughts and focus on something that was good for me and in turn influenced those around me.  The competitive world brought new challenges, and as I overcame them, I began to feel more powerful, seeing and believing in new possibilities, and learning new disciplines and creative skill sets that transferred into other areas for me.  I was excited about life again.  I discovered the components that had been missing from my life: guidance, direction, passion, and fulfillment through accomplished goals.  What had originated from a hurtful experience soon evolved into a vision of a strong competitive team of mothers, students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and dreamers.  That vision became a reality when I created Fox Elite."

Titles won so far include:


Ms. Orange County Overall 2006

Ms California State 2006

Ms Los Angeles 2006

Ms. North American 2007

Ms. USA 2007, 2008, 2009

Ms. Los Angeles Overall 2009 Masters

Ms. Excaliber 2009 1st Masters Overall

Ms. Brazil 2010

Ms. California State 2010

Ms FLEX 2010 Champion/Weider Publications contract

Ms. Iron Man 3rd and 4th place 2011

Ms. IFBB Muscle Contest 2011 Overall

Ms. Orange County 1st, 2nd place and Overall 2011

Ms. FLEX PRO Los Angeles 2nd and 3rd place 2011

Ms. California State 4th place 2011

Ms. Olympia FLEX Model Search 2nd place and 4th place 2011

Jr. Nationals 3rd place 2011

Ms. Iron Man 2012 1st place Masters, class A , Class B, Class C and Overall

Ms. FLEX PRO Los Angeles 2012 Overall

Ms. Musclecontest LA 2012 2nd place

Ms. Grand Prix LA 2012 2nd, 3rd, 5th place


girls wearing Elisabeta Rogiani

How long have you been in the business?

At age sixteen, I started working as a fitness trainer at Jack La Lane's health spa.  Within a year, I was managing the facility and that's when my passion for fitness grew stronger. Fast-forward to 2002 and I owned my own business, a very successful, yet exclusive fitness facility offering far from conventional mainstream exercise within a positive environment.  My previous hospitality experience enabled me to bring attention to detail and customer service to the facility creating an environment conducive to the growth and enrichment of clients through discipline, mental strength, and education.  Using these elements, we continue to guide our members to accomplish their health, fitness, and life goals.  We are not just leaders, but positive role models.  This fitness facility is M2 Fitness Pros, the home of the Fox Elite, where our partnership provides over 30 years of experience, both online as well as in person.

Tell us about your daily routine?

My day begins at 3a.m. to prepare for a full day of activities.  I spend my first hour mentally preparing for the day, assessing and assigning workouts for my 5am training session with Fox Elite.  Additionally, I like to incorporate a few members into our training schedule when we are scheduled at our facility.  Beyond all this, I manage the brick and mortar day-to-day business operations, as well as travel to various locations to work with clients, and manage my own personal schedule. 

How many girls do you have now?

Membership on the team is usually around a dozen at a time. On the M2 Fitness Pros side, the clientele is 90 percent female, many of whom progress from aspiring girls to women on-deck for our competitive team, allowing for fluctuations in membership.

How do you tell the girls to deal with any successes or failures?

There are a few key points that I drive home with the team, which are humility, freedom from arrogance, patience, persistence, and the ability to change.  Staying humble is vital, during this process, some can easily have their egos falsely inflated specially when they may come off the gate with a winning streak.  Also, they can't expect to just show up and start seeing immediate results, as immediate gratification does not exist in this industry. 

Practicing patience develops them as not only an athlete, but a well-rounded individual.  It is also necessary to survive, as failures and disappointments will happen.  I give them the proper perspective when it comes to this through my own personal experiences, knowing that everything is small in the grand scheme of things.  Persistence is crucial to success, and in order to develop them physically, they have to persist through painstaking emotional development as well.  I tell them not to feed into doubts, fears, or excuses, as they are only as powerful as you allow them to be.  Lastly, having the ability to embrace change improves their chances of success.  Being able to recognize opportunities and adapt to make the best of them is very important.   

What goals do you have for your team?

My goal for my team is for them to be able to deal with challenges in a constructive manner, to see opportunities hidden within every setback, and to be able to move forward with optimism in any situation.  I know, too well, that women are emotional beings and these emotions can sometimes overshadow the big picture, letting opportunities slip through our fingers.  I want them to pursue these opportunities for success with vigor and disregard for doubt or fear of failure.  My role as leader of the Fox Elite is to ensure that each woman is not only physically but also emotionally fit and sound.  I do this by providing guidance and support through their personal development, and by teaching them that they have the capacity for deeper reflection on their experiences, and how this reflection can force them to become more powerful women, and eventually leaders themselves. 

 What personal goals do you have?

My goal is to leave behind a legacy.  I have goals that will take time far beyond my reach, and beyond the scope of a lifetime, but my legacy will allow me to pass on the torch so future generations may achieve my full vision. 

What do you do to inspire your team?

I demonstrate the effectiveness of the lifestyle that I teach by modeling that same behavior; by not just "talking the talk" but "walking the walk." I am an assertive coach, and trust me, there is no softy here.  Leaders set the example, and therefore integrity is key. I practice this quality with my team as the root of our success lies in the loyalty of the team, and I owe it to them to execute my role with integrity.  That being said, the members of my team know that what I say will always be the truth, no matter how tough it is to say or hear.  I inspire them to think creatively and take action by informing them of their significance on the team as contributing members as soon as they come on board.  I allow them the opportunity to use these ideas to encourage development within the team.  I also hold them responsible for their decisions and actions.  These competitions afford these ladies the opportunity to influence others and lead the ideal lifestyle, but it only comes with strict discipline.  To inspire them to stay on track to achieve this, I have to implement a touch of tough love, but this method helps them develop their own level of confidence with their new physique and outlook.  This new confidence and self- esteem will undoubtedly lead them to infinite successes in life. I also inspire them to live, laugh, and occasionally get out of their element and experience something new.  It doesn't hurt to have a little fun while you're constructing your dream life.  I reward and celebrate these ladies.  I know how to find the right balance between the tough love and the positive reinforcement.  I am a tough woman to beat who may get under your skin, but I'll make you a better woman in the process.

Tell us about each girl and any success stories?

All these ladies encompass unique strengths, abilities, and talents, and each comes from a different season in life.  The ladies all share private issues and have battled through different challenges, balancing life and competition as they establish friendships.  For example, Tamara had a major body transformation, but also transformed her professional life in her process.  Through our program, she discovered her passion for fitness and now passes on her knowledge to others through her personal training.  Another example is Jessica, who noted that she found her direction after she started competing, after having been a little lost between college graduation and her induction to Fox Elite.  It was then that all the elements of her life began coming together.  These and more success stories are only possible because the women here trust one another and support each other through the process, and eventually, become a family.

For more information on the Team and Bea Fox visit;

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