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Kirsten Potenza and Cristina Pereenboom as creators of the fitness phenomenon POUND Rockout Workout. However, these girls are more than just fitness junkies – they’re style mavens, each with are just own personal flair just as dynamic as their rockstar-chic regime that has swept the nation. Splash Magazines got a chance to sit down and get a few insider tips and background information on how to live a healthy life, the importance of working out, and why you should try out this new workout that is sweeping the nation.


Sargent: How did you both get involved in fitness?

We "fell" into Fitness. We needed to stay active and nurture our bodies and through that Journey, we ended up creating Pound.


Sargent: Was a healthy lifestyle always something that was taught when being raised?

We didn't grow up with a lot of money but our parents made taught us to conserve and not be wasteful. This came with planting gardens, spending time outdoors, and being more aware of how we affect others and our own internal ecosystems.


Sargent: What is the importance of living a healthy lifestyle?

Health to us is balance. A healthy lifestyle is a balance of proper nutrition and exercise, but also a balance of carefree indulgence and fun. Balancing the fun of eating tasty food with the knowledge of what the body needs leads us to a happy, moderate zone. The same goes for working out. Teaming the necessity for exercise with enjoyment, stress-release and music creates a sustainable, do-able lifestyle.

Pound- The Ultimate 'Workout'

Sargent: This method of working out, Pound -the 'ultimate rockout workout' is sweeping the nation. How does this make you feel, knowing you are doing something you love while helping and inspiring others as well?

Seeing our little baby, Pound, grow and expand has been the most powerful and amazing experience of our lives. It has single handedly transformed our path in life: we are now on a full-time mission to reach as many people as possible! We love what we do and hope we can bring the Pound experience to every music/fitness loving person in the world and get people moving.

Sargent: Where did incorporating 'music and drums' come from, and can you give me an example of what a person can expect when attending a POUND class?

We were both recreational drummers and were most drawn to the therapeutic aspect that playing the instrument brought to the table. We also realized that drumming, even sitting down, worked up a thorough sweat, and that if you removed the seated aspect, the arm movements would serve as an instability-producing factor.


When we realized that we could team the same euphoria of drumming, simple drum downbeats and all of our favorite exercises together, that's when we knew. And, when we felt the immediate change in our bodies and experienced our stress levels plummeting, we decided to "stick" with Pound.




Sargent: What can one expect to gain from a POUND class? -Could you give me a few class statistics.

25% men

75% Women

Classes come with membership

45 or 30 minute class

30-40 people

15,000 reps (drum downbeats)

600-800 calls burned per hour

Sargent: Give me some examples of current fitness and health trends. How do you integrate them in your work?

It seems like the current trend in fitness involves capturing the feeling of being something you don't usually get to be. For example, Zumba allows participants to step into the role of a dancer for an hour. Crossfit allows everyone to feel like a professional athlete. Fitness video games give all types of people the freedom to sample what it's like to play basketball, golf, ski and tackle obstacles. Pound does the same thing, except creates an environment where anybody can feel like a rockstar. Pound grants the permission to rock, and also happens to dole out a kick-ass workout. You can live out your rockstar fantasy as part of a healthy lifestyle (where else will you see that?)

Sargent: How did you know you would do well as a fitness instructor?

We did well because we never thought we did well: we always strive to improve. We continue to just listen, learn and change, which to us, is the only way to be good at anything.

Pound Rockout Workout!

Sargent: What's next on the horizon? Any upcoming projects?

We have a ton going on before the end of the year, a lot of exciting change!  We will be expanding to Mexico City, creating a specific program for Madonna's gyms, Hard Candy, worldwide! We will be traveling to Chile, Australia, Cancun and Vancouver to train Pound Pros and launch classes, as well.  We are most excited to announce that Pound is launching an in-home version, where you get weekly videos and checkins from us and your very own pair of Ripstix. We've been aching to bring Pound to all types of people, gym-goers, class-takers or people who stick to the privacy of their own homes, and now we're going to get to do that. 


Sargent: What's the best way to keep up with you ladies?




@thepoundgirls on Instagram


LA drummers and fitness enthusiasts, Kirsten and Cristina, are best known as the creators of the nationwide fitness-craze POUND. These ladies have revolutionized the idea that drumming can make for one sexy workout! Their bohemian, hipster style and sculpted physiques, are the epitome of sexy rockers and embody an eclectic sense of fashion that transcends labels and stereotypes. So schedule a class and try it out for yourself, I’m sure they will change your outlook on working out.


For more information, please visit: www.poundfit.com


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