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Pick Your Own Trainer Today - Stay Fit & Healthy All Year Long With No Excuses

By Marilinda Rivera

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Having a healthy holiday season has been one of my biggest priorities before ending a wonderful year. I'm an actress/model so my weight has to be well balanced at all times, and for that I found the best way to keep my good healthy habits wherever I go with Pick Your Own Trainer Social Media.

PYOT provides all the information I need to stay healthy and connect with my personal trainer from wherever I am, especially during the tempting holiday season. I can easily locate and connect with fitness & health professionals that meet my specific needs. Also keeps me informed with all healthy tips to improve my existing routines, like eating the right amount of food and keeping my workout sessions shorter and effective. 

My friend Danny Suggs created this wonderful healthy social media along with other professionals looking to change and connect the world through HEALTH. He's my personal trainer since 2008, now he lives in New York and I'm in Los Angeles. Today, the distance is NOT an obstacle for a healthy path thanks to PYOT

Now I have a clear understanding of how easy it's to stay fit and healthy throughout the year, especially during the holiday season. I can't say "No" to my native puertorrican foods during the holidays! So I create a professional well balanced lifestyle wherever I go all year long. It's ideal for professionals who travel often and don't know how to keep the healthy lifestyle as part of their travels. It's like having your personal trainer available 24/7. I can also share with other healthy members food tips and workouts from all around the world. It's the bridge that allows me to take the short cut to a healthy long lasting life.

PYOT inspires members to be always interested in living a healthful and well-rounded lifestyle and sharing it with the world.



In my healthy world PYOT has become my biggest support system to always be "Camera Ready".

Join today & keep it healthy by choosing the right trainer in your neighborhood or online at www.PickYourOwnTrainer.com.


"Keep it Healthy, Keep it Sexy."


Published on Dec 04, 2012

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