Perfect Products For The On-the-Go Lifestyle - If Adventures Are Your Idea of Fun These Products Are For You

These days our lives are filled with activities left and right, the world is at our fingertips with the use of smart phones.  At least in my life there is always something happening and I have to sometimes schedule time to relax!  Here are some highlights of products to keep us going for us busy types this holidays!

Yummy Snack Bars - Photo Courtesy of Yummy Snacks

For me I love to keep snacks in my car in case of emergency, traffic jam, zombie apocalypse, and such! YummySnack Bars™ are perfect for that! They’re made of wholesome, real-food ingredients like flaxseed, almond butter, coconut, natural peanut butter and cocoa and they still taste good.  All YummySnack Bars are gluten-free and contain only 8 grams of sugar (and no starch), which is perfect for me because too much sugar makes me feel sick. YummySnack Bars are available in six delicious flavors:  Peppermint, Brownie, Coconut, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. My favorite flavors are the Peppermint, Coconut, and Peanut Butter, and the snacks are perfect for adults and kids! The are available on Amazon and you can get your bars today online!! 

Flax Hemp Paks - Photo Courtesy of Carrington Farms

When hiking and backpacking no ones like to take a ton of stuff, well at least I don’t.  A perfect solution to help get that extra protien and energy you need on your adventures is the ready-to-eat Carrington Farms Flax Hemp Paks. These single serve packets contain a daily dosage of essential nutrients! By adding one to two Paks of the Flax Hemp blend to yogurts, smoothies, oatmeal or sprinkling them on salads, cereals, quinoa, and even fruits and vegetables, no matter where you are, you’re automatically upping your nutrient intake without having to measure the right amount for you to actually benefit from. This ultimate superfood only costs $8.49 for a 12 pack online!!  

Coconut Oil Pak - Photo Courtesy of Carrington Farms

Carrington Farms also has convenient Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Paks are another perfect additions for your adventures. Conveniently packaged in single-serve packets, each Pak contains 1 tbsp of organic unrefined cold-pressed coconut oil. One of the great things about Coconut oil is not only can it be used with your food needs, but its a great moisturizer, for hair and skin. Did you know it also can be used as a teeth whitener?  The Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Paks can be taken with you everywhere!! what every Travel Pro really appreciates is versatility, making these Paks their perfect gift; Coconut oil provides a wealth of beauty benefits, as it can be used as a hair conditioner, natural moisturizer, teeth whitener and more.  Carrington’s pre-measured PAKS make adding coconut oil to your on-the-go health/nutrition or beauty regimen easier than ever. You can get 8 Paks for only $8.99 online today!! 

Allen Bike Rack - Photo by Maria Densley

Living in Southern California I have many beautiful days, that are perfect for bike cruises on the beach. The only problem has been on getting me and my bike to the beach without spending an hour or more on the bus.  The Allen Aluminum One Bike Trunk Carrier solved that problem.  The bike rack is lightweight, and compact, (the smallest on the market!).  Fits perfectly on my Chevy Spark and is easy to install and store in the included carry bag, so I can keep it neat in the back of my car.  For those that are on their own and just need to transport one bike the Allen Aluminum One Bike Trunk Carrier is the way to go.  For those that need to carry more than one bike Allen Sports has that covered too! Head to their site today to order your Aluminum One Bike Trunk Carrier starting at just $60. 

fitfuser Water Bottle - Photo Courtesy of fitlosophy

I love drinking water, especially on all my adventures, but sometimes plain water can get boring.  The fitfuser water bottle adds a twist to my water drinking needs!  It comes with an infuser that sits in the middle of the water bottle where you can add fruits, herbs, vegis, and anything else that might spark your fancy to get fun natural flavors in your water like cucumber-lime, or strawberry-kiwi, or even orange-mint!  Let you imagination run wild with the fitfuser water bottle for only $16.95! Buy online today! 

AA Energizer Eco Advanced Batteries - Photo Courtesy of Energizer®

I can’t forget my digital camera when on my adventures, and it’s a little old and takes AA batteries. Not all batteries last a long time when used in cameras but the Energizer® EcoAdvanced is not only the world’s first battery made from recycled battery content but it also lasts longer than other batteries which creates less waste! They retail for a 4 pack for just $4.99, don’t let this eco-friendly deal pass you by! 

Energizer Head Lamps - Photo Courtesy of Energizer®


To add to their fantastic new batteries they also have a new line of LED Headlights!  Headlights are a perfect light source for adventures, because they are compact and when used are very bright, giving you all the light you need. One example is the Energizer® Vision HD+ LED Headlight. It has four headlamp light modes, a white spot light, a white flood light, the spot and flood light together and a red light for night vision. The headlight comes with 3 AAA batteries, and is 4 times brighter than standard LED technology.  Perfect not only for adventures, but also for your 72 hour kit you have sitting in your closet for emergencies! The Energizer headlights cost between $10- $25 depending on the model.  Check them out online today!

Puracyn Plus - Photo Courtesy of Puracyn


Most adventures can have little mishaps, and scrapes or cuts are not unusual.  Puracyn Plus is more effective than soap and water, less irritating than peroxide and alcohol, doctor-tested and completely safe for use virtually anywhere on the body (even the eyes, ears and mouth!), it won’t sting like many other methods will! Perfect for on-the-go in a plastic 4 oz. bottle, its one-step spray application eliminates the need for running water and messy ointments for thoroughly cleaning minor wounds. It’s a must-have for every person’s first aid kit! Available at Rite and Walgreens for $14.99 


Check out more amazing gift ideas in our Holiday Home and Garden Gift Guide, our Holiday Health and Beauty Gift Guide, and our Holiday Sports Gift Guides to cover all your adventure needs!!!!!


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