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Summer is the time of the year when you spend more time on your feet than any other time, whether it is on a vacation, a hike, the beach, trying to get into shape or just going for a walk to enjoy the weather. That simple walk sometimes for a large portion of people can lead to pain in your back, knees and feet, but just using the proper footwear can alleviate a large portion of these problems. Orthaheel has put the research into creating the footwear that will allow you to enjoy being on your feet again.

You can walk into any shoe store or most retail stores and you can find flip-flops and sandals that range from a few dollars to ones that can be pretty expensive. Having tried the wide range of flip-flops and sandals over my lifetime I came to the conclusion that if I didn’t want to have knee or back pain after being on my feet for an extended period of time I would just have to stick to athletic shoes. That was until I tried the Orthaheel sandals and gave them a try on an extended vacation. I didn’t notice anything until my vacation was over and what I noticed was that I wore my sandals all-day and everyday and I never once thought about my back or knees. Comfortable and stylish, these are the perfect sandals for any type of use and they look very similar in construction to most other sandals, but clearly there is some magic to them.

Orthaheel offers a wide variety of flip-flops, sandals and shoes with built-in orthotic support to alleviate pain, but regardless of what you choose to put on your feet, each style has the same podiatrist designed technology, constructed to provide natural relief from the ground up. Orthaheel also carries several different orthotic inserts depending on your specific foot problems or fitness needs.

The Orthaheel secret begins with Phil Vasyli, a pioneer and innovator in the foot health category. Phil used his podiatric and biomechanic expertise to create a performance line of footwear that meets and exceed the demands of amateur to pro-athlete lower limb health and recovery. Orthaheel products are ideal for heel pain and plantar fasciitis, moderate to excessive pronation, complementary orthotic treatment, shock-absorbing support and stability and low- and high-performance athletes.

 "It is my experience that many common aches and pains occur from poor lower limb alignment. Pain relief can be natural and affordable for everyone," Phil stated.

Our feet were designed to walk on soft, natural surfaces like soil and sand but today we find ourselves on concrete, asphalt and other unnatural, hard surfaces. When you take 8,000 footsteps per day as most people do, the 26 to 28 bones in your feet tend to suffer. By wearing Orthaheel footwear it makes sure that our feet are working correctly to prevent the common aches and pains that many of us suffer from.

Next time you are out for a walk, at they gym or on your feet for any reason and you feel a little ache or pain just remember it all starts with your feet. Making sure that each step you take is in an Orthaheel, it will lead to the rest of your body feeling as good at the end of your walk as it did at the beginning.

For more information on Orthaheel, visit: www.orthaheel.com


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