Orangetheory Fitness – A Class to Get Your Heart Racing

Group fitness classes continue to grow and trying to find that new class that will take you to the next level is always on the mind of any fitness enthusiast. When it comes to what is next, look no further than Orangetheory Fitness™.  You will use treadmills, water rowers, TRX and more to reach the “Orange Zone” that helps to maximize fat burning and heart health benefits.

To help you get ready for the sun, beach and pools, Orangetheory Fitness™ is coming to Los Angeles this May. Orangetheory Fitness™ currently has over 85 locations across the United States, Canada, and the UK and is expected to open over 100 more locations in the next 18 months.

Orangetheory Fitness™ is the first of its kind: an interval training, group fitness class that uses a science-based approach to create an effective and unique workout that is personalized for each participant. Each 60 minute class is led by a certified, Orangetheory Fitness™ trained instructor and is designed to build muscle, tone your body, measure calorie burn, and increase metabolism for up to 36 hours post workout! There are classes that can compete with the 500-1000 calories you will burn per class, but the key to Orangetheory Fitness™ is the fact that the burn lasts. By burning calories for up to 36 hours post workout, you can lose up to 8 pounds per week, depending on your utilization of the studio and nutrition. This calorie information, in addition to a participant’s heart rate, is tracked on flat screens around the workout room through use of a heart rate watch and strap. This maximum calorie burn is a result of their science-based, Orange Zone – getting participants to 84% of their max heart rate for a total of 12-20 minutes in aggregate within an hour class.

The workout class is 60 minutes long, and features three components: running on a treadmill, indoor rowing, and strength training. It is based on a physiological theory called “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption,” (EPOC). By providing each person with a POLAR heart rate monitor, the highly trained team at Orangetheory Fitness™ monitors your heart rate to ensure members are in their ideal fat burning zone. They call their class Orange 60. Beyond the science, the results are clear. Orangetheory Fitness™ members boast increased muscle endurance, power, stamina and in cases where desired, weight loss. They have more energy within 1 month of training, and are seeing significant results in muscle toning and weight loss as early as 2-3 months into their program.

This might sound intense, but all fitness levels can try Orangetheory Fitness™.  Orangetheory facilities feature upbeat music, state of the art equipment and private showers.

For more information visit Orangetheory Fitness™

Visit the new Los Angeles location at: 11661 San Vicente Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA

Contact for details about membership: (310) 694-5656

Orangetheory Fitness Los Angeles is offering Founding Members unbeatable membership pricing (equating to about $12 per class!), but these special prices will only be available until June 5, when Orangetheory Fitness officially open their doors to the greater community. All people who sign up before June 5 get two free weeks of classes. Signing up for these pre-sale rates does not lock you into a contract of any kind and does not require you pay anything until you decide that you absolutely love the workout. It’s essentially a “try it before you buy it” experience, as they are completely confident that you will LOVE it. Call: (310) 694-5656 or email [email protected] to learn more! Mention this article from LA Splash Magazine and get a special offer!

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