O2 MAX’s College Fitness Guide Kindle eBook Review- How Busy People Stay Healthy

As the early acceptance letters begin to roll in form colleges across the nation, one thing lurks on every prospective student’s mind.  The freshman fifteen.  The innocuous sounding weight sneaks up on students enjoying their first semester away at school.  Most students have a hard time staving off the pounds because they are busy juggling academic and social commitments.  But, there is hope! O2 MAX’s College Fitness Guide provides a down-to-earth approach on how busy students can be fit and stay healthy without sacrificing their social lives.


O2 MAX, a Santa Monica based fitness company specializes in practical fitness solutions for busy people.  With options such as Event Ready Fitness and personalized coaching, this company makes fitness accessible.  Following in the footsteps of their innovative training techniques, the College Fitness Guide offers a comprehensive strategy on how to stay healthy. Topics covered range from tips on navigating the dining hall to post-party recovery.  The College Fitness Guide is a quick read and invites readers to revisit the sections pertinent to their lives. Although written in a casual, conversational tone, the College Fitness Guide does not sugar-coat, “Too much of anything makes you fat, be it carrots or carrot cake”.  Instead, the CFG clearly explains why the freshman fifteen happens and proffers reasonable solutions the way a trusted friend would.


Unlike most fitness plans which require near religious devotion, obscure supplements, and expensive equipment, the College Fitness Guide was written for the average student.  Although instructional, the CFG does not come across as didactic.  It offers advice on how students can balance their academic and social lives while staying fit.  The savvy freshman will revisit the pages of the College Fitness Guide for five-ingredient recipes that can be made in a dorm room, workouts that do not require a gym, and tips from the “Damage Control” section. Aside from the compelling content, the book’s unique format keeps readers engaged and adds interest.  Inspiring quotes and relevant pictures break up the sections and offer visual motivation.

Motivational quote featured in the CFG

 The CFG also features personal accounts from college students and interviews with YouTuber, Euchante, and fitness blogger, Taralynn McNitt. These style icons offer their opinions on topics such as the benefits of staying fit and the importance of breakfast.  These interviews add color to the CFG and make it apparent that fitness can be achieved and maintained beyond college.


Although the College Fitness Guide’s obvious focus is on students, it can be a resource for anyone who cares about their fitness but feels pressed for time.  Although most people in the “real world” will be hard pressed to find a dining hall, tips on healthy snacks, minimalistic exercises, and healthy indulgences are relevant to everyone. The CFG reinforces the idea that health is a decision and fitness is a direct result of personal choices.  Ultimately, the College Fitness Guide posits that each person should take responsibility for her actions instead of hiding behind the excuse of being too busy.  Yet, the book does this without sounding self-righteous or encouraging obsessive behavior, “Your body is the result of your day-to-day choices, not your minute-to-minute ones”.  The College Fitness Guide provides practical insights on how to make time for health without becoming a zealot.  The CFG is a must-read for college students and busy people alike, it offers a balanced outlook and practical fitness tips with honesty and levity.  As stated in the book’s foreword, “Being fit and healthy is important, but it is also important to eat a cookie every once in awhile!” 


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