MuscleEgg Review - The Tasty, Drinkable, Protein Packed Egg White

Protein, the key to changing your body whether you are into health and fitness or if you simply want to lose some weight. Not all protein is created equal however. That is where MuscleEgg comes in, simple to use, great tasting in so many ways and zero fat content. What more could you ask for?

Mint Brownie

You can start off with the Organic MuscleEgg whites. Perfect for using in any recipe that calls for eggs, cooking an omelet or any other egg creation to start your day. No matter how you use the egg whites you are going to notice the great flavor that comes through.

Chocolate Caramel

Anyone who has tried to use eggs as their main protein source realizes that you can only eat so many eggs. After a while you just can't bring yourself to eat another egg no matter how it is prepared. MuscleEgg solved that dilemma in a tasty way. MuscleEgg has created an assortment of amazing flavors using their patent-pending flavor and process. How about getting all of your eggs and protein in flavors such as; Mint Brownie, Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry and many more that you simply drink.

Ordering MuscleEgg is as simple as drinking it. You can call or order online and they come in half gallon or gallon containers. They are delivered to your house frozen you simply keep them in your freezer until you are ready to use them. Once you want to use them you slowly thaw them out and they are ready to go. The regular egg whites you can cook with and the flavored MuscleEgg you simply poor into a glass and drink. You can sign up for recipes as well if you are looking to change up how you use your MuscleEgg.

Finding enough protein to match your needs can at times be a battle and often not a tasty one. I found MuscleEgg to be as tasty as a shake while providing you all of the protein you need as well as a filling meal. Whether you are looking for that perfect protein to start your day or you are looking to add protein to your diet to trim down, MuscleEgg is the perfection addition to your daily lifestyle.

For more information visit: MuscleEgg

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