Andrea Lin Creator of Dance a GoGo - Turns on the Fitness for Women, Burlesque Style

I spent the evening talking with one the most interesting and unique females on the planet. In 2004 Andrea Lin created Dance a GoGo, a vision based on "girl power" through dance and musicLin's mission is to bridge the gap between pop culture and the lives of everyday women.  

Lin describes it best, "it's giving women a platform to live out the fantasy of a "Diva" through the music and dance, and becoming culturally relatable, trend aware and body conscious." "It's a new wholesome way of feminine expressions and a fashionable way of life and style.

Lin's also launching a new brand called "Hottie's" (Role Models of American Beauty) which Lin claims is the brainchild behind DAGG. "Hottie" is a female fitness professional, a trained dancer and a great advocate for "Girl Power."

Each Hottie represents the authentic sense of American beauty, the inner beauty that makes Hottie's the perfect role model of today, inspiring woman and girls to become a star in their own right through dance, fitness, health and diet.

Lin wants to create a new generation that re-defines beauty, sex and power for the betterment of mankind.  

Lin's DAGG DVD is currently being taught in the Spectrum Athletic Gyms, and her DAGG DVD's are being aired on  Cable TV claiming a #1 spot on their fitness channel. Dance a GoGo is being distrbuted through out Japan by Columbia Entertainment for both in-store and online sales, which are resulting, in more shipments around the globe.


Lin's trainning includes years of professional experience, she's toured and performed with multi platinum recording artist like Mariah Carey, P.Diddy and Brittany Spears to name a few. Lin has also performed on TV commercials for WalmartSuper Bowl and Sony HD amongst many others. 

Lin's experience comes from excellent coaches and dance organizations that she was involved with growing up. She's trained in BalletModernLatin, BallroomHip Hop Contemporary, as well as, Chinese folkLin is also a model and actress but claims her heart belongs to danceLin, truly has a loving quality about herself that totally puts you at ease when your in her presence. She is thoughtful, intelligent, friendly and passionate. I was fortunate enough to have met her on the set of Burlesque when filming at Sony Pictures in Culver City. I asked her about her commitment and focus, and she commented that  “It’s always been a blessing and a curse, to be a Virgo, we’re perfectionist”. 

Before Lin moved to NYC, she was an English teacher. She saved $10,000.00 through teaching English to kindergartners, elementary students and adults in Taiwan. Soon after Lin moved to NYC, she said "it's so much like home" referring to Taiwan. Lin arrived in the United States, and secured her agent in six months. She attributes that to luck and charm. Like the rest of us who have those day jobs and big dreams, dont give up!  

Check out Andrea Lin's line of "Dance a GoGo" DVD's you can purchase.

Dance a GoGo : Music Video Dance Workout
Dance a GoGo : Sexy Latin Groove
Dance a GoGo : Nightclub Fun Dance Workout
Dance a GoGo : Urban Burlesque Xtreme
Dance a GoGo : Urban Burlesque Basic
Dance a GoGo : Jungle Burlesque Xtreme
Dance a GoGo : Jungle Burlesque Basic
Dance a GoGo : Sweet Burlesque Xtreme
Dance a GoGo : Sweet Burlesque Basic

To find out more about Andrea Lin, check out here website 






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