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Live Infinitely is more than a name, for founder Alicia Reynoso, it was a way of looking at life. The name Live Infinitely means to live without boundaries, to believe that your life is limitless and that your opportunities are truly infinite. From that meaning, Alicia created Live Infinitely as a way for you to do just that with her line of products.

Live Infinitely Resistance Bands

Looking to focus her life and career around health and experiences, Alicia came up with the name while meditating one day and from there she introduced her first product at the end of 2014, a cooling towel. Now Live Infinitely has entire of lineups to help you live your life infinitely. From their first product the cooling towel to water infusing bottles all the way to relaxing in a hammock or the inflatable outdoor air lounger couch and of course the line of fitness products.

Portable Workout

There is no question that more than ever there are not enough hours in the day or so it seems. Trying to make your way to the gym or the track or just pounding some pavement can seem like a daunting task. The Live Infinitely line of fitness products makes a workout as easy as rolling out of bed. Resistance bands are not new, but Live Infinitely has created a set that most definitely separates itself from the rest of the pack. The bands come in resistance levels that start out at five pounds and go all the way up to 40 pounds. So not only are they designed for someone trying to get into shape and break into strength training, but they really have the ability to work for those gym rats who need to be pushed. Once you get past the 40 pound band you can start stacking the bands together to ultimately reach 105 pounds.

Leg Workout

Beyond the bands themselves and the covered handles for your typical exercises, they also come with a door anchor, ankle straps so you can get in leg workouts and for those of you who are novices, there are downloadable workout guides as well as online videos to help you make the most of your workout. The bands are so easy to get a quick workout in; you can simply put the band under your feet, grab the handles and get in a few sets of biceps. Change your position and you can work your triceps. The best thing about these is that the types of exercise that you can do are really limitless. You can change from arms to legs in a snap, put the anchor in the door and get in a rowing workout.

Chest Press with Resistance Bands

The bands are not only perfect for your home gym or simply your home, but they fit nicely in your suitcase if you are taking a trip and you want to make sure that you get in your daily workout while you are on the road. One of my favorite parts of the resistance bands is that the cost is about what you would pay for one month at your local gym.

In addition to those other products you can find an exercise ball, 17' foam roller that is perfect to help with muscle recovery and loop resistance bands that can work your core, legs and more.

If you are just a beginner when it comes to fitness or you are at an advanced level or anywhere in between Live Infinitely resistance bands are a product that can help you reach your goals. The gym isn't always going to be at your fingertips, but it doesn't matter where you are, Live Infinitely can go with you and make sure you always get your workout in. So save some money on that gym membership, quit wasting precious time driving to the gym and waiting for a machine, just grab your Live Infinitely resistance bands and pump out your workout.

For more information, visit: Live Infinitely

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