LifeTrak Zoom - The Innovative Fitness Tracker to Boost Your Performance

LifeTrak, a leader in consumer fitness, heart rate and activity monitoring wearables recently announced the launch of Zoom, the world's first amphibious fitness tracker that seeks to meet the needs of multi-sport athletes. Zoom is the first of its kind that offers flexwear technology and accurate heart rate monitoring both in water and on land, making it the only fitness tracker an athlete ever needs. LifeTrak is launching a crowdfunding campaign to engage with early customers and gain their feedback as they move in to production.

Zoom is the only continuous wear fitness tracker that constantly monitors heart rate day and night, as well as during workouts on land and even in water. It not only assists with heart rate zone training during workouts, but also obtains the most accurate 24-hour calorie burn numbers. Additionally, it monitors steps, distance and sleep quality. To help make sure you are always being monitored, Zoom has a battery life of up to five days as opposed to other devices that require daily recharging,

"Your heart rate is the single best indicator of your health and at LifeTrak, we believe if everyone were able to read their heart rate more accurately, they could live healthier lives. As a very active person, I've always wished I could monitor my own heart rate anywhere, all the time, but have found chest straps uncomfortable, wristbands limiting and am still looking for a viable solution for swimming. The fact that many athletes were looking for those same features is what inspired us to create Zoom," Mike Hosey, president of LifeTrak, said.

The device's flexible wear options mean that Zoom can be worn on the most comfortable part of the body and areas which allow for the most accurate heart rate tracking. For example, while swimming, Zoom can be placed inside a specialized swim cap to capture a more accurate reading on the wearer's head. These options aim to simplify fitness tracking, making Zoom the only fitness tracking device an athlete needs.

If you want to be one of the first to own a Zoom, you can check out then Kickstarter campaign that launched on October 1st. While quantities are limited, if you are an early-bird backer who contribute $99 to the campaign, you will receive a Zoom device plus all the flexwear technology accessories. To contribute to Zoom and pre-order a device, click here: Kickstarter

About LifeTrak, Inc.
LifeTrak's mission is to improve the health of everyone, one person at a time. We're the fitness partner that listens to your heart to help you build your path to better health. Our 24-hour fitness trackers leverage physiological monitoring technology found in chest straps, cardio equipment and heart rate monitors, as well as 3rd-party wearables R&D done for NASA.

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