LifeTrak Brite R450 Review - Keeping Track of Your Fitness and Life

Keeping track of anything with the fast pace of life today is a challenge, but it doesn't have to be. The LifeTrak Brite R450 puts everything you need on your wrist with this all knowing watch. More than a fitness watch, the LifeTrak Brite R450 monitors you from the moment your head hits the pillow, well until your head hits the pillow again and it never stops. Monitoring your fitness is just the beginning.

The LifeTrak Brite R450 does so many things but it is also incredibly simple to use. Simply put it on your wrist and start moving. You begin by putting all of your personal information in so you get a more personalized experience and from their you can look at your day, your workout as well as your sleep habits and if you are not getting enough light or your need to get up and take a walk because you have been sitting to long, the LifeTrak Brite R450 will let you know.

LifeTrak Brite 450

That is just the beginning, you can select the goal you want to see on your watch, steps, distance, calories as well as sleep. Once you are ready for your workout, you simply hit the start button and it keeps track and then when you are done hit stop. Your workout can be stored on your watch and your phone. If you want to see how hard you are working, you just simply hold down the center button and the LifeTrak Brite R450 will take your heart rate.

App Dashboard

The LifeTrak Brite R450 is as simple or as detailed as you choose. You can simply put it on your wrist and keep tabs for up to a week or you can use the bluetooth connection to keep track of your life for over a year. The LifeTrak Brite R450 keep track of up to your last ten workouts on your watch and you have the ability to transfer those workouts to the app with a simple one-step process. The watch by itself is great, but pairing it with the app can really have a huge impact on your life with all of the detailed information about yourself that is right at your fingertips.


What would be the point of having the bluetooth connection if you couldn't stay connected? The LifeTrak Brite R450 will provide you with notifications of phone calls, emails and messages with easy to understand symbols that will pop up on your watch as long as your bluetooth is connected. If you are busy working out, simply looking at your wrist keeps you from interrupting your workout as opposed to having pick up your phone every couple of minutes.

When it comes to your health you are likely to focus on your diet and working out, but your sleep habits are nearly as important and the fact that the LifeTrak Brite R450 monitors your sleeping patterns really sets it apart from other watches. The sleep tracker monitors the duration and quality of your sleep which is simply amazing. It can tell how you are sleeping based on movement, arm posture and ambient light. Getting you to have the optimal amount of sleep can make a big difference in your quality of life. The other great aspect of this part of the LifeTrak Brite R450 is the intelligent wake-up. If you set the intelligent wake-up, the alarm will go off in the window of 0-59 minutes prior to your alarm if you are no longer in a deep sleep stage. If you are still in that deep sleep, the alarm will go off at the normal time. You are going to love this aspect of the watch.

Sometimes in life we need reminders. Whether it is exercising, light, sleep or if you simply want to know more about your daily and sleep habits, the LifeTrak Brite R450 offers you a life changing experience by simply putting this watch on your wrist. While gadgets are plentiful these days, this is one that you will use every day and be thankful that you wake-up to it every morning.

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