Katerina’s Greek Goddess Workout – Bring out the Goddess in You

Katerina’s Greek Goddess Workout is an incredible workout designed to make you feel empowered, sexy and connect with your inner Goddess. Katerina Gagkas launched the first Greek Goddess Workout on February 16th 2014. She is now teaching it every Sunday in Hollywood.


Katerina Gagkas leads the class


Katerina was born in New York and later on moved to Los Angeles. Her roots are from Sparta, Greece, which she is very connected with, and it influences every area of her life. Her main passions are acting and dancing. She has performed professionally in several genres as Hip Hop, Latin, Burlesque, Belly Dance and Greek Folk Dance. Katerina says that she feels most alive and empowered when performing. She says that dance is a great way for us to express ourselves freely and celebrate our femininity. She created the Greek Goddess Workout so she could empower and heal others through the art of dance as dance has done for her.



The Greek Goddess Workout uses high-energy cardio dance movements hitting all major muscle groups (legs, buttocks, abdominals and arms) to burn calories while engaging the core and working on flexibility and toning. The class differs from other dance fitness classes by being much sexier, and because the main focus is to empower individuals to connect with their inner Goddess and higher powers.

The structure of the class and music is carefully selected to empower and motivate participants as much as possible. Katerina’s Greek Goddess Workout is also very personality and performance driven. She encourages people to bring their own style by wearing something they feel confident and sexy in.


Katerina explains and demonstrates the class in the following interview:



The class also embodies spirituality. The class is inspired by Katerina's Greek heritage.  She incorporates the Goddesses from Ancient Greek Mythology to set an intention for each class. At the beginning of class, everybody sits down in a circle where Katerina leads the group through a guided meditation. The meditation is used to get everyone centered and to bring attention to the power and light within, the inner Goddess. Katerina says her main focus is not only to help people achieve their fitness goals, but to promote a healthy relationship with the self and the body. It is a supportive and judgment free environment where you embrace your sexuality and celebrate your individual and unique beauty.  Another expression of Katerina's Greek culture in the class is the Greek Dancing Goddess Circle. Every class concludes with the Greek Dancing Goddess Circle where all willing participants do an improvised solo dance wearing a coined belt as the others follow in your lead. The cirlce is formed to honor the person in the center, and to remind us of how much we can learn from one another.






Katerina says her favorite part of teaching the class is to see all the smiling faces in the crowd, and she is moved when she sees everyone let go and allow their inner Goddess to shine through. They have filmed several classes and posted them on YouTube. 

You can find the videos here.


The Goddess Circle


The Goddess Circle


The Greek Goddess Workout is a real confidence booster, a great workout and so much fun! It is suited for anyone looking for a healthy body and having a healthy relationship with their body. It’s for anyone who wants to feel powerful, sexy and free, and for anyone who wants to have fun getting fit and improve musicality and dance movement.

It is for anyone who wants to be empowered and empower!


For more information about the Greek Goddess Workout visit her website or contact Katerina on [email protected] .


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