Here’s How You Get Can Fit on a Budget or Even For Free

These days, getting fit costs more than time and effort. Back in 2015, Marketdata Enterprises Inc revealed that the weight loss and diet control industry was worth around $65 billion, while Statista reported around the same time that the health club industry took in $25.8 billion. Then there’s the equipment, the clothing, supplements and a variety of other essentials one needs when attempting to get fit.

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So how can you get fit on a budget? We thought we’d gather some tips that might help you out – it’s time to get up and get moving!

The Apparel

While sporting gear isn’t entirely essential, having the correct apparel will help you get serious about getting fit. Fortunately, the Internet is full of places you can buy sporting apparel from such as Dick’s Sporting Goods; home of everything from footwear to swimsuits. Of course, if you're more into field sports then you will need far more specific equipment, though you would be well advised to pick a specific sport to save money. In an interesting article, Promopony suggests watching the NHL Playoffs, the MBL or the US Open to find some inspiration if you are not sure which sport to pick. 

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The Equipment

As there is so much competition out there in the fitness industry, most gyms these days tend to offer new patrons free day passes and guest sessions. This means that for at least a few hours you can gain access to professional gym equipment. However, eventually you will probably run out of free trials which means you’ll have to look elsewhere. Sites like Freecycle and even a few Facebook groups have been created especially for this purpose: to give used fitness equipment to other for free.

The Workouts

Of course, if you prefer participating in routine workouts rather than running on a treadmill or lifting weights, there are always plenty of videos for you to try on Youtube. Fitness Youtubers and channels like POPSUGAR Fitness are a dime a dozen, so you are bound to find one that suits you, or you could make your own playlist full of all your favourite vids. Alternatively, you can usually find fitness DVDs online or at local charity shops, so why not go on a hunt and see what you can find?

The Great Outdoors

Finally, if all else fails, there is always the great outdoors. For anyone who just loves to walk miles or go jogging there is nothing more stress-relieving and exhilarating as time getting fit outside near nature or on a public running track. You don’t even need to set aside time in your busy schedule to go running as you can simply make healthy decisions such as walking short distances instead of driving your car. If you have a bike then you can even cycle larger distances to really kick-start your fitness training. Also, make sure to check whether there are any free pools in your area as swimming is an excellent full-body exercise.

Unfortunately, all this leaves you will few excuses when it comes to getting fit so we’re afraid you might have to start right away. Don’t worry though: we promise you’ll begin to like it. 

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