I consider my home country Puerto Rico as the best place to get in touch with my roots, traditions and specially to get the love from my united family during the Holidays; the main reason of my trips to the beautiful island. I am always on the spotlight, so I need to watch what I eat and my work outs, but always worry to find the right gym with the right equipment. But Finally! This year I found the best gym in Puerto Rico with everything I need to stay healthy and in shape during the holiday season: GLOBAL FITNESSThis gym has the best equipment and facilities to make this one a boutique first class gymnasium. Brand new equipment by the latest models of Cybex & Lemondspecially designed for elders, to get effective work outs the smoothest way possible, Spinning and Zumba classes for members at no cost. A Healthy Bar with the best food choices and protein shakes. 

 GLOBAL FITNESS just opened it’s doors to members this year making sure it’s clientele creates an individual healthy goal with deadlines; not because they need to get in their favorite clothes, but more for a longer healthy lifestyle.

Puertorrican food is incredibly tasty and fattening, so it’s hard to say “no” to traditional treats during this joyful season. Global Fitness has the best team to keep you in alert at all times when facing tempting moments by choosing the right foods. 


It’s located near the luxury of high-end hotels like Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach, Hyatt Cerromar, Embassy Suites, Dorado Beach and many more gems. Global Fitness it’s  attracting celebrities like Basketball Hero Piculin Ortiz and Baseball Major League Star Angel Pagan from the San Francisco Giants to come and work out in peace with the best equipment.


What to Expect at GLOBAL FITNESS:


I started training at Global Fitness on December 26th with a clear goal with the best team to accomplish my victory. I took the Zumba Class and all I can say is that it was AMAZING! With great music, keeping the good moves alive with great dance teacher Edwin Colon, who knew what all of us needed to get out of that class; FUN CARDIO. Also took the Spinning Class with trainer Reinier Cumba, who kept all of us looking forward to see the physical difference right after class; TONED.


I have a new goal for 2013: VICTORIA SECRET BOD in 3 Months. While enjoying my Christmas in the island I trained at the best gym in town with confidence that when I go back to Los Angeles my goal will be closer to a victorious end. By the end of March I will have a VICTORIA SECRET BOD’ along with a VICTORIA SECRET CONTRACT. As long as I have the team that supports my goal, I will be able to say “We did it!”, if I win everyone in my team wins!

Stay tuned with my VICTORIA SECRET BOD in 3 MONTHS with little help from my friends from PYOT & GLOBAL FITNESS in DORADO PUERTO RICO. 





GLOBAL FITNESS in Dorado Puerto Rico

Urb Costa De Oro (en los altos del Tribunal)

Dorado, PR 00646


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