Great Product for Lean Muscle "Royal Whey Protein Isolate"

 I was first introduced to this product by  bodybuilder- actor Roland Kickinger who owns Sexy Nutrition vitamin stores. I want to share this product that I use after workouts and between meals that has extensively helped my overall feeling of health.  Royal Whey Protein Isolate has promoted lean muscle growth  and quick recovery and repair of muscle tissue.  For people that struggle with following high protein regiments, it is a tasty way to get 27 grams of protein between meals.

Royal Whey Protein Powder

 Not only do I enjoy the taste but I like the way it mixes. If you blend it with ice, it tastes almost identical to a shake, minus the staggering high calories.  Additionally, this rockstar protein powder has strong nutritional value with low carbs. It is easy to digest and enhances energy levels.  When on the run, it fits easily in your purse so that you can add with water without stopping your everyday routine.  Flavors include chocolate,strawberry,vanilla, sensation and vanilla delight.  This product helped me build the lean muscle on my body that I am so proud of. I highly recommend it!


Lifestyle Expert Donna Spangler

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