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The sports hydration and energy drink market is a tough one to break into, but when you have a healthy alternative to everything else on the supermarket shelves you just might pull it off. Golazo so far has been making inroads into Southern California after initially taking beverage industry by storm in the Pacific Northwest and online.

What separates Golazo from the rest of the sports hydration and energy drink market? The two most important things are of course taste and then what is on the label and goes into the bottle. Red Bull, due to a marketing flurry, that while genius, distracts you from those two qualities of their beverage. The same goes for Gatorade and PowerAde. While they might have some of the biggest names in sports endorsing their products, that doesn’t mean you want to be hydrating with them.

When it comes to flavor what you will find with Golazo is great taste in an assortment of flavors that are all-natural. Red Bull has a taste all of its own and honestly, I can’t tell you what it is and while people who drink it often might have acquired a taste for it, that doesn’t mean that is a good thing. What you read on the label of Golazo is what you get. Golazo in addition to being all-natural, also has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

The comparison is very similar when it comes to the sports hydration drinks. Gatorade and PowerAde look very pretty on the shelves with all of their bright and vibrant colors. While Golazo has natural potassium from coconut water to aid in your training, the two competitors each of something called monopotassium phosphate. Enough said.

The Golazo all-natural sports hydration drinks come in Jamaica, limonada, mandarina and mango limon flavors. The all-natural sports energy drinks come in mango limon, sugar-free, mandarina and Jamaica. Finding a sugar-free drink that actually tastes good is a tough task and the Golazo versions is the best tasting sugar-free product on the market, somehow they avoid that common aftertaste that you get from most sugar-free drinks. All of the Golazo beverages have a fantastic and unique flavor and they are refreshing and perfect for any type of workout. An all-natural, non-go drink that contains coconut water, organic agave syrup as a sweetener and less sodium than your typical drink, they all taste as good as they sound.

Where did Golazo come from and where has it been all of our lives? To go against the low industry standards that are out there, you need someone who wants to make a change, is will to invest time and money to create a better a product along with a strong mindset.  In this case it was a soccer mindset and the desire to get it right led to the creation of Golazo. Golazo co-founders Richard Tait and Alex Rosenast were looking to change the world of sports drinks that is known for poor taste and even worse ingredients.

“I noticed kids on the soccer field mixing Red Bull and Gatorade, trying to get a combination of energy and hydration and I thought there had to be something better than that,” Richard said. “I wanted a healthy alternative and wanted to create a phenomenal product, so we went through multiple focus groups and had soccer players give us feedback on the taste until we got it right.”

What they came up with was two all-natural product lines and chose the Spanish term “Golazo” as the name, which means “super goal.” First there was Golazo All Natural Sports Energy, launched in March 2011, and that was followed up by Golazo All Natural Sports Hydration, which soon followed.

Choosing an energy drink or a sports hydration drink these days can be a little like throwing a dart blindfolded, you just never know what you are going to get. Well it is time to take the blindfold off and grab a Golazo and try a sports drink that will change the way you view sports drinks forever. Put Golazo side-by-side with a similar product, compare the labels and taste and you will be hooked on Golazo.

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For more information on Golazo

To order Golazo online visit their page on Amazon or in Southern California you can find Golazo in most Von's and Safeway stores as well as Whole Foods.


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