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Getting Your Back End in Great Shape for 2013

By Donna Spangler

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Great exercises for the Booty with Alicia Marie's "The Booty Bible"booty-bible-page-head
The Booty Bible is written by fitness expert Alicia Marie. In addition to being a fitness model, Alicia Marie is also a nutritionist and has graced numerous fitness covers worldwide including Oxygen MagazineFitness X , and other popular fitness magazines.
Alicia is the  founder of Cardio World which is a mini series that gives advice in a fun way on fitness. It can be found on her hip website " FITPOP" which  also presents pop culture, and fashion along with the fitness and health advice.Donna & Alicia Marie Ballenger2_face0

I found the practical application of the exercises provided  in The Booty Bible to be straightforward and effective,  there being three different levels of booty workouts that are presented. First,  Alicia shows beginners simple but cogent movements, then explains to the readers the intermediate movements in a clear and uncomplicated way. Later she tells her readers how to work up to the advanced exercises, such as "dead lifts".
Additionally, she provides expert advice about the right nutrition to help aid in the growth of the ultimate booty.I give the book a ten for its straightforward and effective advice. It is a must for a great back end. For more information on this book go to:


Article by Lifestyle expert Donna Spangler

Donna Spangler

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Published on Dec 31, 2012

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