GAIAM Clothing Review - New Spring Line

GAIAM's Spring Clothing Line features bright colors

GAIAM offers a new lively, colorful, eco-friendly wardrobe for spring, with clothes made of organic cotton, light and sustainable bamboo and high-performance recycled polyester. The options available in the collection include yoga/fitness apparel, sport cover-ups, dress options, yoga equipment and more. After having a very positive experience reviewing three yoga CDs available from GAIAM, I was excited to be able to review some items from this collection.

Some signature features of the line are vivid colors, flowing lines for dresses and tops and fitted lines for shorts, capris and leggings. Many of the clothes are made in the USA, and GAIAM emphasizes they are made responsibly.

I tried three different kinds of clothing:

  • Yoga Capris that are primarily for yoga, pilates or similar types of exercise.
  • Harem Shorts that can be used for activities such as yoga, biking, jogging, and many others.
  • A loose-fitting Trapeze Top that can be tossed over leggings or a capri and worn to informal social occasions, such as brunch.

Yoga Capris are fitted, light and breath well

Excited to try out new yoga gear, I went for the Yoga Capris first, and was extremely impressed. I'm typically not one for upscale yoga clothes, but these are worth the extra expense. First, even before I wore them to class, I noticed the styling was very flattering. Unlike many leggings, which have an inner and outer seam the capris are stitched at angles to accentuate the body's natural shape. The waistband is high, which means it doesn't roll down when you move around a lot. There is a small pocket on the left that can hold a key and/or change. So even before trying them out, I liked them.

In action

Then I wore them to two heated classes. One was very hot (think Bikram). I was able to move easily. The capris felt very light, yet covered enough of my legs that I had good traction when doing crow pose. When I finished the class, my inexpensive top was soaked, but my legs were cool, and the capris did not feel heavy or sticky. Though 94% organic cotton and 6% spandex, they did a great job of wicking moisture. Another nice feature is that they are made in the USA. 

Harem Shorts are very versatile

Next, I tried the Harem Shorts. I wore these to a yoga class as well, but felt they could have many uses, and would be a very versatile item of clothing. They are a little heavier than the capris, so I wore them first to a class that was not heated. Like the capris they have panel construction for a more streamlined look. These are also 94% organic cotton, 6% spandex and made in the USA.

These were very comfortable and soft, and while taking the yoga offered easy movement while at the same time they provided a bit more warmth. Because the fabric is looser, I tried these at a heated class also, and they worked very well for that class also. They did not absorb a lot of moisture, and were very comfortable through the length of the class.

What I liked most about the harem shorts though, is that they are practical for many activities. Biking, jogging, pilates or any other type of stretch class, gardening, and other outdoor sports.These are pretty much all-around wear, and can transition from exercise to walking to meeting up with friends.

Trapeze Top has soft, flowing lines

The last item was a Trapeze Top that can be tossed over a pair of leggings or capris after yoga or an exercise class, a pair of jeans, or even a pair of dressier pants. Like many of the tops and dresses in the GAIAM collection, the trapeze top has a loose, flowing shape that creates a soft, feminine line. It is made of an eco-friendly blend of 57% organic cotton, 43% rayon from sustainable bamboo.

I tried this in red, to add some color to the mix. I wore this to a gathering with friends, and they liked the bright color, the lightness of the fabric, and the loose fit. I wore this with a pair of nice jeans, and could easily see throwing it over a pair of yoga pants or capris in the warmer months. It could also be dressed up and worn to casual outings or work.

The clothes offered in the GAIAM spring line are attractive and well-made, yet practical. They are a great addition to any active wardrobe. All of the items washed well, and retained their shape after washing. The clothes are designed with fitted lines for exercise wear, or flowing lines for dresses, tops and skirts, to look attractive on any figure.

This line is available online only from the GAIAM website:

GAIAM Online

About GAIAM: Gaiam focuses on personal development, health & wellness and global consciousness as a means to positive change. The web site has inspirational media and solutions for healthy living, environmental wellness and renewal of spirit.    

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