Fitness Inspiration from Instagram: 3 Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

When it comes to getting healthy, Instagram can sometimes seem a little cruel. With hipsters feeling an uncontrollable urge to post pictures of everything they eat, a scroll through search and discover is a torturous teasing of all the mouth-watering foods you can’t have.

The flip side is that there’s also plenty of great fitness inspiration to be found on the photo sharing site. Follow the right people and you can learn a lot.

Instagram has helped launch the careers of several giants of the health and fitness world after all, so there’s got to be something to it. Joe Wicks, the self-styled Body Coach, took advantage of Instagram’s limited video upload capacity to show just how it easy it is to make healthy meals. With two Lean in 15 cookbooks under his belt, Wicks is well on his way to social media stardom.

For people just beginning their fitness journey, Instagrammers like Wicks are a great starting point – so we’ve put together our own quick guide to some of the secrets behind their perfect physiques and insane fitness levels to incorporate into your new healthy lifestyle.


Know your stuff

There are plenty of fit people using Instagram to share their progress and stories. What separates the stars from everyone else is that they really are professionals, with the skills and knowledge to back up their posts.

You can teach yourself the basics by following these Instagrammers, but to become a health and fitness expert in your own right you’ll have to take a more formal route. Accredited personal training courses can be studied online, and will quickly take your workouts to the next level.

Don’t give up


Perseverance is key to getting rid of bad habits for good, but when you feel like progress is going too slow it’s easy to lose motivation. To successfully adopt a healthy lifestyle, you have to look at the long game.

Try to remember that everyone goes through lulls, even the Instagrammers who seem to have it made. Set little goals and celebrate achievements along the way, rather than focusing on the big end goal.

Schedule in cheat meals

Planned spurges might sound crazy when you’re trying to limit your calorie intake, but cheating every now and then is actually good for your diet. Allowing for a cheat meal once a week is a form of positive motivation that’s also good for your metabolism.

The thinking is that it’s much easier to face a week of no carbs and protein shakes when you know that come Sunday you’ll be able to choose whatever you want for dinner. Just remember that posting a photo of your double cheeseburger and Oreo milkshake to Instagram afterwards isn’t strictly necessary.

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