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If you have ever had your eyes locked onto any social networking site, you will notice that health and fitness are always topics that are among the most prominent. The problem is for the fitness fanatic, the posts that might have the most meaning can get lost in the cluttered world of social media. That has changed with creation of Fitmoo, a social networking site that caters to the fitness world in every possible way.

"Combine the social network with a major shopping experience, you can shop for classes, memberships, gear, products, apparel, but you also have a built in distribution network through your fans, followers and customers but without having to engage them in discount coupons or anything else, you don't have to engage them at all they get activated themselves by what they are most passionate about," Fitmoo founder Jeff Dyment stated.

Think of any social media platform that you currently use and Fitmoo can do exactly the same things that you always love to do, but with Fitmoo you are in the world of fitness. You can find groups to join, you can find people who you want to follow and you can find people who are similar to you and form your own social media groups that way. You are not going to find more fitness information under one website than you will at Fitmoo. 

You also don't have to give up all of your other social media platforms. Fitmoo allows you to sync your current Instagram account and you can also share links to Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Fitmoo brings it into one social media world for you. 

Fitmoo not only allows you to socialize with other people in the fitness world, it finally gives you the chance to monetize everything that you do when it comes to the fitness industry.

"Imagine Facebook meets Amazon, but with everyone ultimately a potential socializer, a potential consumer and a distributor and they can distribute anything on the site simply by socializing," Dyment said.

Social media has always been key to fitness influencers, but there was never any financial reward. Fitmoo has changed that, they allow you to endorse and sell products and you finally are able to make some money for all of your hard work and social media postings. Fitmoo also makes it very easy to get started doing this.

Shayna Hiller

If you are simply someone who loves fitness and you want to follow some of the brightest minds in the fitness world, Fitmoo is for you. You can find tips from health educator Shayna Hiller, CrossFit ambassador Rob Orlando, fitness model Christmas Abbott and many more. You can also find a wide variety of local fitness classes to try.

Joshua Tree

To celebrate the launch of Fitmoo, Splash Magazines Worldwide has teamed up with Joshua Tree to give one lucky reader a gift package of Joshua Tree products. Visit Joshua Tree on Fitmoo. The Joshua Tree store on Fitmoo offers you a number of great prodcuts including their sunscreens that will keep you protected through any workout.

It is nearly impossible to not be directed to a social media page these days. Friends, businesses, strangers, anyone and everyone has some type of link to share. Now is the time for you to finally take part in a meaningful social networking site, Fitmoo. Not only are you going to take your fitness and knowledge to another level, but you will have a great number of amazing people to interact in the fitness world and finally you have the chance to earn some money for all of your postings. If you are into fitness or looking to get into fitness, Fitmoo was made for you.

To join visit: Fitmoo

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