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Fit POP Online Fitness and Health TV Series

By Donna Spangler

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With the integration of TV & Movies onto the internet becoming more and more common, some of you may be surprised to know that fitness is making the move as well.  There are a variety of fitness personalities, product sites, exercise program sites, virtual trainers and a multitude of gyms, studios and boot camps on vying for your online attention. However, none are as dynamic and entertaining as the recently launched fitPOP.com 

FitPOP is the brainchild of fitness and nutrition expert Alicia Marie, (MTV's Made) who you may also recognize from the covers of Oxygen and a variety of other fitness magazines, as well as the author of the recently published “Booty Bible”.  With fitPOP, Alicia offers health-centric daily articles and information in a fun, easy to understand way.  

Alicia Marie-pic HD Films

FitPOP also has a remarkable online series that stars Alicia and Todd Roy called "Alicia Marie's Cardio World". If you had not had a chance to see an episode, I would take a look because they really are unique!

I had a chance to sit down with Todd Roy and ask him a few questions.  Todd, who's a full time producer/director at HD FILMS, has been creating music videos, television and award winning online content for over a decade.   Not only is Todd co-starring in “Alicia Marie's Cardio World" but you will also find him in the very popular, video game focused online series, “The Jace Hall Show,” of which season five is set to premiere on IGN.com in June.

D: What is fitPOP.com?

T: Simply, fitPOP is a website filled with fitness and pop culture goodness, mainly geared by and toward Alicia's female audience.   Although personally I suspect fitPOP is the closest thing we will get to seeing what Alicia Marie's brain must be like!  She does love all things fitness and pop culture and will post several articles a day about these subjects. One might be a fitness article for getting sexier abs and then an hour later she writes an article about the women's shoes that Kanye West is designing!  Also, have you seen how pink the site is?  Yes, fitPOP is Alicia's brain online!  In addition to the site being an aggregate for fitness and pop information, the site is also the home for Alicia's new book, The Booty Bible, which is her top ten commandments for easy tush tightening!  In the fitness world Alicia has an extremely popular booty. The Booty Bible is where she shares all of her booty secrets.  It's has been a popular item!


D: On fitPOP I became a fan of your Cardio World series, which you essentially co-star with Alicia.  What were your initial ideas for the series?

T: For the longest time Alicia had the idea to mix humor with fitness information.  My initial idea was it should be the visual opposite of what other "fitness" video looks like.   We spent a lot of time going over concepts and ideas she had that were based on twitter questions she would get.  Bouncing the ideas back and fourth, lead to the collaboration you see in the series.  The show is a perfect blend of our two brains. It is not your typical fitness series…we are not doing exercises, but sharing information in short easy to digest 6 min-video segments of happiness! 

Todd Roy & Alicia Marie pic HD Films

D: Who actually created Cardio World?

T: Alicia did.  At the heart of Cardio World is a really solid fitness information foundation and Alicia is an expert in that area… so the core information, and the concepts we communicate comes from her knowledge base.

Alicia Marie-pic HD Films

D:  What about the other eye popping aspects of the show?

T: I would say the visual style and way the information is jubilantly presented in Cardio World is what happens when fitness information passes through my brain after bouncing off of Alicia's brain.  Most folks, when they hear "Fitness series"  think of some people working out in a gym, or studio showing movements etc.  And I will tell you, the internet is full of a lot of videos like that. For me, as a creative producer charged with making something visually original, I looked at enough fitness videos to see that while there were some really smart knowledgeable people making great stuff,  there was not much innovative variations between what this person is doing vs. what that person was doing.  What I saw was a land scape of similarity and an opportunity to create something new.

Todd Roy & Alicia Marie pic HD Films

D: What direction did you take creatively to achieve this goal?

T: We used a lot of green screen, motion and 3D graphics and great sound design.  We made sure the writing and editing was tight, that we were always communicating information.  We thought it should feel like Pee Wee's Playhouse but with us, talking about healthy things, and hopefully making you laugh.  I think I read a study showing that people learn easily when presented material in a humorous way.  You can teach kids the ABC's with a black board and chalk, or, you can communicate that same ABC information via Sesame Street.  While the information being communicated is the same, which format is more fun to absorb the information from?  What will stick better? 


Alicia Marie-HD Films

D: Was it your goal to produce something different?

T: Yes.  As a producer in the most creative (and competitive) place in the world, I think the process of imaginatively finding the most creative way to share information is OUR jobs regardless of if you're telling stories for TV, movies or even an online fitness series!  Alicia and I are an odd bunch, and Cardio World is an expression of how information is expressed through our…oddness.   Sorry, I get excited about this stuff!   I think both Alicia and I wanted the show to really be different, yet be relatable to everyone, whether you are a gym rat or not!   As a fitness enthusiast I know enough about our physiology to be amazed by some of the counterintuitive concepts that have to be understood if you are trying to transform your body. And I like that with Cardio World we can touch upon these concepts. 

D:  I have watched all the episodes and everyone that I have shown them too loves them.

T: So the show communicates…. and that is what we want to do! Communicate these fitness concepts so we can all be better informed and make healthier decisions. 

D: Do you have a favorite?

T: All of them have their special charm but I think Ep5 "To eat or Not to Eat?" really demonstrated just how "out there" we could go with this format, while still being relatable and communicated useful information.   This episode dealt with the question of whether you should have a small morning meal before working out or wait till after.  When talking to Alicia about what core concept we  were dealing with, she was talking about glycogen, ATP levels and how the metabolism is always looking for energy to burn and it make our tummies unhappy, etc.  So as I'm processing what she is talking about I just keep thinking, "Can't she just go visit a stomach and have the stomach explain how sad it is there is no food down here…"  And that thought formed the basis of the episode, which involved Alicia flying a tiny UFO into my stomach to have a conversation with my stomach. That in in turn leads to the stomach singing and other unexpected fun times…you have to see it!  I thought that one was cool.

pic HD Films


More information:

Alicia Marie(@AliciaMarieBody)

Todd Roy (@Todd_Roy)

IMDB http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2279585/fullcredits#cast

Fit Pop (www.FitPop.com) is an HD Films property and produced in North Hollywood  www.HDFilms.com  Other productions produced at HD Films include Space 2099, The Morning After Show, Chadam,  The Jace Hall Show and "V"

Published on Mar 27, 2012

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