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FBE Spa Review - Shake and Sweat your way Skinny

By Jennifer Kamstock

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A new holistic fitness center in the heart of West Hollywood is changing the face of health and fitness.  Firm Body Evolution also referred to as FBE Spa provides cardio, strength training, detoxification, relaxation and anti aging all in under one hour. 

FBE has special and unique fitness equipment different than you will find in most standard gyms. The Helix Lateral Trainer which looks like an elliptical machine put together horizontally is not an error in manufacturing!  It takes just 10 minutes to work your inner and outer thighs, glutes and get a great cardio workout at the same time.  It is surprisingly challenging and after just a few minutes you are sure to feel a burn and have sweat on your brow.  No worries however because just as your muscles start to ignite fire as you reach the 9.5 minute stretch you are off to shake it out.
Vibration machines have been a recent craze of the last few years but FBE goes a step further to include the power of oscillation. This means the plate on the FBE Spa Whole Body Vibration machine vibrates from within and also moves left to right rapidly instead of being a stationary plate like most machines. Proven to build lean body mass and increase circulation you can simply stand on the machine and let it work some magic.  For a more intense workout there are numerous positions and exercises you can perform on this oscillating wonder to burn additional fat and work up an intense sweat.  Try moves such as planks or squats on it and in 20 minutes you will achieve more than possible in a one hour standard gym workout. At this point you will be ready for a nap and you are in luck for that is exactly what is next on your fitness agenda!
The detox and rejuvenate portion of your workout hour includes what one might think is straight out of a science fiction movie.  A room full of pristine white Infrared Sauna Pods looks like somewhere a family of aliens might be sleeping. However, it is simply where health enthusiasts of Los Angeles are continuing to burn an additional 600 calories while gaining numerous other healing benefits.  


While in your same workout clothes simply open the pod, climb in and lay down on the jade stone interior.  Your head will stay outside the pod to ensure your body temperature stays comfortable even though your body immediately starts to heat up from the inside out.  The infrared heat is detoxifying your organs and skin while continuing to burn calories.  The feeling and experience is so relaxing you can expect to drift off to the aromatherapy scent and relaxing music that FBE fills the room with for added ambiance. 
Whether a beginner or advanced fitness buff FBE is sure to be enjoyed by all.  I found this holistic approach to be a protocol that requires minimum effort for maximum results.  The best part is that it is enjoyable, fun and relaxing! It is a one stop full body wellness plan that is sure to leave you wanting more. Not to mention you may also start to crave sleeping in a sleek and futuristic infrared pod instead of a queen size bed. 
Jennifer Kamstock, MS is a licensed holistic nutritionist and speech language pathologist. She is the author of "The Everyday Detox", host of the TV show Fight It or Bite It and health/wellness host/spokesperson for livestrong and ehow. As a comedianne and actress she can currently be seen in the recurring role of investigative reporter Brittney Bowers on Disovery's Dark Secrets and the comedy Focus Groups.  For requests or health inquiries contact [email protected].  

Published on Dec 28, 2012

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