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The State of Zen refers to the total state of focus

Imagine a warm, intimate, nurturing experience that allows you to break old patterns, deep-rooted from childhood. Those maternal and paternal influences from your upbringing and even past lifetimes that color every aspect of your life thus far. An experience that utilizes the latest Voice Patterning Technology to map out inhibiting tendencies/patterns. Then utilizes powerful sound frequencies to shift these patterns as you lay surrounded by a symphony of sounds and crystals that lull you into a State of

Welcome to the Zen Den…..

If you’re ever in the Santa Monica , Venice Beach region of California , take a few hours away from your everyday world and enter the darkened chambers of the Zen Den.

Firstly, it’s convenient location across from the Whole Foods,
Venice , California makes for easy accessibility to this other worldly Self-Healing Therapy. And if need be, an escape to the Beach after the treatment might be the perfect way to integrate the experience !

The Den itself is a modest suite in a quiet, unassuming building but once the treatment begins get ready to hop on a mind-blowing ride. Enter the treatment room with its soft lights, candles, and fabric lined walls and you are greeted by Life Coach Niall Nicholson. The Sound Experience was actually developed by Niall Nicholson PhD. in concert with Ryan Mitchell of The Aura Shop. It incorporates aspects of ancient Tantric Buddhism, along with new age modalities of sound and light therapies to create extraordinary results. The combination of technologies is so new that Niall personally facilitates the experience during this introduction of this technology to the public sphere.

Zen Den first opened its doors in Venice Nov 2008. As Niall explains, “Prior to the Zen Den we were running a number of different of laboratory experiments at Third Point Studios. Our second lab was at a place called the Aura Shop in Arlington . It was at our first installation where we began accepting paying clients and this was at the Temple Sakkara in Toluca Lake , CA .”

Currently, the Zen Den is open everyday of the week ( Monday through Sunday ) by appointment only. On Fridays as a gift to the public, the facility offers a free half session for those curious to try the experience for the first time.

But first an understanding of the technology offers a deeper perspective into this fascinating Sound Journey.

Crystal Tibetan singing bowls are widely used in sound healing

Niall Nicholson PHD, is both a life Coach and Researcher in Sound Healing. He starts to share his intriguing story with me,
  “My Dad is a physician and mom an opera singer so it was natural that the concept of sound healing has always intrigued me.

The evolution of this technology began 25 years ago when I first started working with crystals. I then specifically ventured into energy healing in 1989. During that time, I was actively researching the power of the human voice. Then came the year 2006 when I was properly introduced to sound healing while reading my PHD in metaphysics from the Universal Church and Monastery. In the process of discovering the metaphysical power of sound through sound healing , I became more and more deeply drawn to it. There was a knowing in me that I already knew what to do. That I had done this before. And since then everything has just expanded extraordinarily fast. A week in my life is equivalent to a year in most people’s lives."

A row of crystal Tibetan singing bowls line the floor, amongst other musical instruments

Niall goes to explain “I’ve taken basic techniques created the by people who created
the VoC al mapping system The software itself was created by a group of designers in Utah . Their intention was to have the software be a healing too l . However in my view it serves only as a map. But I integrate this mapping system with sound therapy which then alerts to the signposts in the territory, allowing the individual to discover their intention. When I combined both these modalities is when the therapy became very unusual.

“So it’s a combination process, where we work together to discover these signposts. When I start by recording your voice on the E.S.P. I received a print out of your patterns of resistance. This process uses a voice print analysis program that was developed for the C.I.A. in the 1990’s. The technology was retooled and re-tasked for the healing arts and is now primarily used to map your unconscious subconscious mind.

Once we have a map of your subconscious mind, we can identify your non-supportive self limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the results that are possible in your life.

We can identify where your beliefs came from, going back two generations, and where these beliefs show up in your life, health and mind states.
We can even go as far as identifying the physical issues that your mind has caused!

After we have mapped these subconscious beliefs, we will spend a little more time on the E.S.P. device to loosen up the magnetic attraction that these beliefs have on your results, before putting you into our Sacred Sound Chamber.

  Then within the same room (so as not to affect the quality of the map ) the subject is asked to lay on the Ascension Table. We used to move subjects from the Sound Mapping Room ( for purposes of data gathering ) into the Sound Chamber ( for purposes of using the power of Sound to dissolve the uncovered resistances) but that affected the quality of our results. It wasn’t until I moved into Zen Den that I found the perfect set up in one room where we run the entire process as one single experience. ”

Sound healing is an effective modality that delivers a state of clarity

The Ascension Table is only a part of the Sound Chamber that includes crystals, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and more.

He explains further “ In the Sound Chamber, we will restore the missing frequencies of Sound and Color that are missing from you and restore a healthy, harmonious brain state. This combined with a portable Maitre Healing program will have the true seeker of consciousness return to the authentic being that they came into this world as, not a carbon copy of someone else’s beliefs!

With each experience on the Ascension table, we start to get a series of results that tell me if what we are doing is effective or not. Then I can adjust the treatment to whatever it is we observing and recording in your experience. I’m highly engaged in the whole process. As a practitioner I am a part of the experience, rather than working on you, I am working through your resistances along with you. The interesting thing is that I’m also experiencing it as well. Together we are moving through space.”

He clarifies further “The E.S.P. system which is the map gathering device, gathers elemental patterns of sound through a software platform. It is a patented software program by the guys at Vo-Cal. Vocal software is at the core of the E.S.P. program.

The difference is that I’ve taken it a step further combining it with the Sound Experience Table where you create a true lightness in your being. You ultimately begin to feel your patterns of resisting.”


Searching for the state of zen within

Niall’s enthusiasm and passion are clearly evident. He goes on to say “I would recommend 6 sessions. One session every couple of weeks is recommended so as to disallow old patterns of resistance from rekindling. As we break through there is an opportunity to go deeper or the crust or resistance may recreate itself. My commitment is to get this out to the world, but I still have put a value on it because often people don’t realize what they are getting. And I always wind up giving people more than they expect.”

Niall goes on to share an example of a successful breakthrough through the Sound Experience, “ One of my clients as a results of working with me for 5 months completely transformed the relationship with her parents, released a lifetime of fear, sold everything in her life and moved to Italy. She is now walking an incredible path in Italy discovering powerful places. It is the seat of the Roman Empire, a profound spiritual metaphysical area in Europe ! She emails me and lets me know of her travels and the next most powerful place to be. She’s been to Egypt , visited the Temples in Italy and is now on her way to the South of France where the Tomb of Mary and Jesus lie.”

Enter the Zen Den.

Call 310 699 1617 to book an appointment or go to .

Zen Den offers FREE 30 min sessions every Friday.
If you choose to continue to a full experience ( which is an additional 60 minutes ), the remainder of the experience is priced at a dollar a minute .

The fees for a Full Sound Experience session runs at $200/ hour .
(The full session usually lasts 1 ½ hours   so expect to pay $300 for the complete Sound Experience. )
The Zen Den also offer packages where 4 hr blocks are pre-purchased for $100/hour.

Download Niall’s books at and find him on myspace at

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