Elliptigo Review - The Elliptical on the Go

(Los Angeles, CA) October 20, 2010 - Until now, the elliptical trainer has been the one thing that you cannot enjoy outdoors.   Introducing the Elliptigo, dubbed the ‘World’s first elliptical bike,’ it’s the most exciting new invention in outdoor fitness.   It is a mix between running, cycling and the elliptical trainer.  

The green model of the Elliptigo

The Elliptigo has all the components of a bike, including standard handle bars, complete with gear shift and a braking mechanism at your fingertips.   It allows for an upright riding position which provides the maneuverability and visibility of running, and it mimics the elliptical trainer with its adjustable stride length and wide foot pedals likened to the stationary machines you see in a gym.  

Side view of the Elliptigo

As this product gains more exposure and adds more accessories like the recently introduced stationary trainer and the water bottle cage, cyclists and runners alike will flock to snag one of these.   One of the biggest advantages of the product is its ability to give athletes with joint injuries an opportunity to enjoy low impact outdoor exercise.   Many times a knee or hip injury could confine the most avid athlete to the gym.   The Elliptigo opens the door to new possibilities of that morning jog.   It’s completely mechanical, with no electrical parts, so it provides a strength and cardio workout.

The Elliptigo in Action

If you are ready to find out what the Elliptigo is all about, feel free to sign up for a demo test ride by going to the company’s website, www.elliptigo.com .   There is also an option to rent the product for a work week or a weekend.   Their website also lists upcoming public test rides or feel free to set up an appointment for a one-on-one demo of the product.   Los Angeles residents can contact Ansley Allen at [email protected] .  

Front view of the Elliptigo in Action

To see the Elliptigo in action, visit their YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/elliptigo.

The Elliptigo Parked


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