Does Beer Affect Your Training?

It is there after most if not all athletes, race and sports. Many running clubs are also associated with it. Now even Lance Armstrong is in their advertising. Recently, popularity of beer have increased among running community.

Any one may think that this does not make any sense. Why would health and fitness conscious trainers be associated with something which is considered unhealthy? Is it the cool refreshment or is it the carbs?

For many athletes, it is the celebration for the completion of job well done. However what does it do to their bodies and their performance as well? Here are few factors to be consider before you crack that beer.

A Night Before Your Training

As beer has carbohydrates, it must be beneficial for loading carbohydrates a night before training right? Unfortunately big no? Amount of carbohydrates in a beer is equal to a half slice of bread. Moreover beer act as diuretic, leaving you dehydrated.

To keep the level of fluids up, ensure to drink lots of water before and after the training. Additionally alcohol may interrupt your sleep, leaving you feeling sleepy on the main day.

On Training Day

Oddly enough, some of the runners have beer during training. Indeed groups such as Hash House Harriers map their around the local bars, using them as the aid stations.

During running tipsy possibly be little bit more fun than running sober, however it isn’t help you for training. Again, as beer is a diuretic, it can finally affect your training. And as it can also impair judgment, it cannot be the safest activity to do during your training.

But, occasionally having a cold one during your training is not going to keep you from completing your training or marathon. Just do not expect it be most efficient of training sessions.

Training Recovery

No doubt an ice cold beer taste great after a long training or running session, however what does it do when it is about recovery? For one, diuretic properties of alcohol can hamper your hydration that is important for your recovery more related info here.

Alcohol is also processed inside your liver, an organ important for muscle recovery. With liver already overworked from alcohol, body’s ability to recover will be reduced.

From all these angles, it doesn’t seems to be fine to combine your endurance training and drinking. However, it is ok only in moderation. Remember to drink lots of water and be careful because drinking no matter too much or moderate it must effect your nutrition, metabolism, sleep cycle respectively.

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