CrossRope Review – The Next Generation of Jump Ropes

The New Year means all of those resolutions that seem to last if you are lucky until the first day of spring. At the top of the list is exercising, losing weight and getting into shape and for a lot of people with that comes the cost of a gym membership or personal trainer or both. It does not have to be expensive and you don’t have to leave your home, a new twist on the classic jump rope from CrossRope will have you melting the pounds with each jump.

Just a typical jump rope will give you a workout but as with any exercise if you don’t change things up your body will adapt to the workout and the benefits will decrease over time. This is what separates CrossRope from any other jump rope, it allows you to change your workout and will make sure your body always has to adapt with your every changing workouts. CrossRope does this by giving you an assortment of jump ropes that range from a light and speed jump rope and works up to a very heavy and weighted jump rope that will really test every aspect of your endurance. You are not going to find anything else like CrossRope as it is a full patent pending modular jump rope system.

Trainer Danny Musico with CrossRope


If you go to a gym and work on an exercise machine it is easy to change the weights, just pull a pin or if it is free weights just add or subtract weights and you change your workout. The CrossRope works very much the same way; you change your jump rope to change your workout. You can start off with a mid-weight rope such as the Stamina (blue) or Explode (red) and then work your way up to a heavy rope. There really is no way to prepare for the heavy rope, the first time you use it you will feel awkward and it will be challenging. But with any workout that is what makes it great, the challenge. Once you get used to it you will feel the all-around workout that you get from the heavy rope, it works the arm and shoulders and the fact that it is so different than any other jump rope it will work your balance and coordination as well. Simply put if you want a workout that will kick your butt, CrossRope is it. CrossRope does not leave you just jumping rope, they have a website that is loaded with exercise tips and videos that will make sure that you are getting the optimal workout.

CrossRope Workout

Leave it to someone from the military to create a fitness product that actually works! Former Navy Pilot Dave Hunt was obsessed with self-improvement, mentally and physically and while he incorporated jumping rope as a small part of his training, he turned it into a major part of his workout during his deployments. Dave started looking for faster ropes, heavier ropes or a combination of both to challenge himself. The problem was he would break ropes, even the expensive ones that were supposed to be higher quality. This was when he decided he needed something better and with that came CrossRope.

If you have any doubt about what an amazing workout that CrossRope is you have to look no further than former boxing champion and celebrity trainer, Danny Musico. With his boxing background Danny knows more than a little about jumping rope for fitness and he was an immediate fan of CrossRope and recognized what the benefits of the workout that CrossRope can give you. Danny has trained such celebrities as;  Justin Bieber, Jessica Simpson, Tobey McGuire and Leonardo DiCaprio. With a client list like his and a reputation for being a top trainer you can be certain that Danny is only going to use workouts that he know will get the job done.

If you want to get in shape in 2014, forget the gym, the videos and the rest of the gadgets. CrossRope makes your workout easy and convenient and you are not going to find many exercises that burn calories as quickly as the CrossRope workout. Make 2014 the year of no more excuses, just grab the CrossRope and start jumping, if you are on the road toss it in your suitcase, put it next to your bed and start your day with it, but whatever you do make sure you start jumping with CrossRope and you will find that new you in the New Year.

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