Cogito Fit Watch - A Kickstarter Deal that is Perfect for Father's Day

If you are looking to help dad get back into shape and stay connected the Cogito Fit Watch is coming out just in time for you to give as that perfect Father's Day Gift. While it makes a great present, Cogito Fit is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that makes it a great deal for you to give to anyone, including yourself.

Assorted Colors

If you want dad to get out there and start hitting the track or gym, he will love being able to keep track of his progress and simply wearing the Cogito Fit will take care of that. No need to put on anything extra or buy something additional, the watch does it all. If you have travel plans for the summer and plan on getting outdoors and maybe a little wet, Cogito Fit is also water resistant, so there is no need to ever take it off. When it comes to battery life you don't have to worry about taking it off to charge it nightly, simply replace the watch battery every three to four months and you are ready to go.

Water Resistant

The Cogito Fit will also keep you connected as you will get notifications of everything you need and you are not limited to the phone you want to connect to, don't be controlled by one brand.

The Cogito Fit is also stylish and is truly a watch you can wear for any occasion and it comes in assortment of varities. While that other smart watch will set you back a car payment or two, right now, Cogito Fit is available FOR A LIMITED TIME on Kickstarter for $54! There's also the Elegance model that is regularly $149 and currently on Kickstarter for $99. Quantities are limited so make sure to visit Kickstarter to get this deal.

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